Ref Stays Fit – at 81 (NSW)

St George Leader

Still refereeing: Former international referee Ian Timms is keeping up at 81. Picture: James Alcock

There might be different ways to stay fit and Ian Timms, 81, does it a bit differently to most.

Fifty seven years after he started refereeing football matches, the Peakurst official is still keeping up with the players.

Timms loves it … even if the players are school-aged and 65 years younger than he is!

A man with international refereeing experience, Timms is now content with mainly running around with the players at the Menai Indoor sports complex, directing and helping footballers develop their game.

“That’s enough for me, really,” Timms said before another weekend of schoolboy knockout matches. “My knees are not any younger but I enjoy doing this.”

Timms also plays golf pretty well, and while he lost his wife recently, he kindly looks after other elderly people not as active as he is.

“Ian used to take guys out from nursing homes and take them shopping,” said friend and fellow golfer, Neil Streeting.

“He now takes guys to Boomerang Golf Course for a game and helps all sorts of people including a man who is blind.

“Ian still referees because he commands the respect from the youngsters and because he is so fit for his age.”

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