All Sorts Fitness Centre no longer used for Premier & Super Leagues (NSW)

Football NSW

Dear Futsal Club Contact,

Football NSW wishes to advise all premier and super league clubs that the home venue of Mascot Vipers and Maccabi Hakoah, All Sorts Fitness Centre will not be used for the remainder of the 2011-12 Futsal season.

All Sorts Fitness Centre have implemented a spectator charge for all Spectators during the remaining home matches for both Mascot Vipers and Maccabi Hakoah. This will also affect both clubs training held at the venue. FNSW, Mascot Vipers and Maccabi Hakoah have decided not to continue the use of All Sorts Fitness Centre for premier and super league as the implementation of this charge has been after the tender agreement process and was after Mascot Vipers round one fixture vs. Inner West All Stars. No official correspondence or consultation had been made with FNSW regarding the introduction of a Spectator charge.

FNSW, Mascot Vipers and Maccabi Hakoah met with All Sorts Fitness centre on Monday to try find a solution that was good for all parties. Unfortunately All Sorts Fitness centre have decided it’s in their best interest to continue to charge entry for the Amateur sport of Futsal as a result FNSW and both clubs have been left extremely disappointed that this could not be resolved.

Mascot Vipers and Maccabi Hakoah with the assistance of FNSW are trying to locate Alternate venues and they we be announced shortly.

Thank you for your understanding in the matter


Damian Briggs
Futsal Manager

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  1. That’s ludicrous, on top of charging court hire as well I assume? Best of luck to Mascot and Maccabi finding new venues.

  2. How ridiculous! Good Luck with trying to attract anyone to the venue after this fiasco. They will soon work out that no one will pay to watch their kids pay futsal, on top of court fees. Very greedy, trying to have 2 bites of the Cherry.

    It’s a pity for Vipers and Maccabi too, but let’s hope that they find new venues without too much angst.

  3. Would like to know the full story. I find it surprising that the centre would adopt this stance at this stage of the competition. It’s not a centre blessed with appropriate paid seating options either so I dare say there is a little bit more to this story over the side of the fence.

  4. Seems pretty clear to me. The centre decided they could make a buck on top of the court hire.

    Probably didn’t realise how many people come and go during the day until they experienced the first games. Bonanza!!

    I know for a fact that one of the Premier League venues last season threatened to charge an entry fee if people left the venue and returned numerous times.

    They objected to the spectators or players being anywhere else except in the area they had hired. The centre hadn’t realised that people come and go all day and did their best to make it as unpleasant as they could for everyone, particularly if you were trying to warm up outside.

    So I don’t think there is any “secret” stuff going on here at all, just a change of heart by the venue concerned :-)

  5. Maybe the centre simply bit off more than they could chew, and didn’t factor in any extra costs. So instead of going to the clubs with this, they decided to get the money back this way. Or they could have had bad feedback from regulars and decided to squeeze the clubs out. Or there are a million other reasons.

  6. i’m sure some other centre would like hundrends of spectators spending their money at their canteen plus court fees. from what i have seen cleaning cost would be minimal

  7. What other courts would be available that are full size? I can only think of Syd Uni courts on the City Fringe but im not sure how that goes with Uni sports etc…

    Other courts that i can think of would be out of the way for both clubs…

  8. Hi All,

    I know we might be a 1hr drive way from Mascot, but we do have 2 state of the art courts at Erina. They could be used ASAP, Northern Tigers have their Super League games their next week!!
    Oh and we promise not to charge spectator fees!
    Check out Central Coast Futsal on Facebook or http://www.ccfutsal.com.au

  9. What about Parry Park at Lakemba?

    What about the Sports Halls?

    Marrickville PCYC on the weeks that Sydney FC aren’t playing at home?


  10. Hey CCFutsal, I’m with you on Erina.

    Sounds like a great idea and good on Northern Tigers for making use of your new facility.

    Thumbs up from me :-)

  11. Wouldn’t recommend Stanhope Gardens to anyone.

    The court and facilities are good but the Centre Management is very anti futsal and make your life difficult.

    Won’t allow you to warm up anywhere, very unfriendly, rude people,: give it a miss.

  12. CCFutsal checked out the website, are they outdoor courts? Wouldn’t that make it feasible that futsal could be rained out?

  13. Hi IamJack,

    The courts are outdoor but under a COLA, under lights. You can play all-year round and with limited washouts!!! It is almost weather proof with exception of some water on the sidelines! The surface we are using is widely used in Asia and South America and was the surface used at the last world championships!! Feel free to come and check it out on Saturday.
    Thanks for your support mumbler!!

  14. Oh ok, just remembered training on a similar surface at ryde secondary high school while outdoor was washed out and it was alright apart from when it got a bit wet and it became a bit of a hazard but thats the same as any court I guess. I would but have my own teams to coach and play but good luck with expanding the sport on the coast!

  15. All the best with your competitions CCFutsal.

    The court looks massive from the photos. I would like to come and have a look for myself.

    Are Northern Tigers playing any other games at Erina apart from Saturday 22.10.11?

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