Honours Shared In Round 4 (NSW)

Campbelltown City Quake

Quake Futsal Report vs. Sydney City Eagles

Saturday 15th October

Quake visited the Eagles Nest on Saturday and, after a very competitive day, shared the day and the points with Sydney City with 4 wins, 4 losses and a draw to each Club. This is always a difficult day out and it was pleasing to see good results by most of our teams.

12 boys – Quake 4 (Cooper De Sousa 2, Daniel Wilmering 2) – SCE 3

What a game to start off the day! Our previously winless boys did themselves and the Club proud by registering their first win in dramatic style. Missing some early chances and conceding a goal, it took a “bomb” from Cooper De Sousa from the half way line to even the score up. The ever-dangerous Daniel Wilmering made it 2-1 from a free kick before the Eagles equalised. The second half was even with both teams scoring the lone goal. Just when we thought it would end up in a draw, Cooper stepped up to take a 10 meter penalty. With the game time expired, Cooper scored to give Quake the first win of the day. Well done guys and continue to work hard.

12 girls – Quake 4 (Rosie Galea 3, Hannah Davey) – SCE 6

This was a “crazy” game! Quake started off on fire with a quick hat trick to Rosie Galea to give Quake a 3-0 early lead. However, Sydney City soon stepped up their game and replied with 3 quick ones. With a 4-all score line at the break, Sydney City kept Quake scoreless and run out winners by 6-4.

14 boys – Quake 3 (Yasser Al-Taay 2, Lachlan Roberts) – SCE 5

We keep saying that this team is a slow-starter and it was never more evident than at the week end. A very committed Sydney City outfit came out firing and the previously undefeated Quake team found themselves down 3-0 at the break. More inspirational words at the break did the trick and a mini-comeback saw Quake down 4-3 with time to go. But, as Quake scored its third, Yasser received a red card for pushing whilst retrieving the ball. This took the pressure off the Eagles who run out eventual winners by 5-3.

14 girls – Quake 5 (Ruby Mosca 3, Jemma Crane, Lauren Featherstone) – SCE 1

This was a very convincing win. A first half hat trick by Ruby Mosca set up the win as the Eagles tried hard but were unable to assert any superiority. With Jemma Crane controlling things from the back, the girls from Campbelltown run out deserved winners. The score could have been higher if not for the good performance of Eagles GK K Hinton.

16 boys – Quake 1 (Nico Ortega) – SCE 2

This is a case where another previously undefeated team suffered their first defeat of the season. Quake got off to a perfect start by taking the lead in the 2nd minute via Captain Nico Ortega. However, poor discipline got the team in foul trouble, with the ever-reliable Chris Howell in the Quake goals saving up to three 10 meter penalties. However, Sydney City still managed to equalise late in the half to send the teams to the break at 1-all. In an entertaining second half marred by 2 red cards to Sydney City, the Eagles finished the stronger to take all 3 points. Quake had a chance after the final whistle to equalise from the 10 m spot but was unable to beat the good Eagles GK.

16 girls – Quake 4 (Elise Sherry 2, Lucy Chapman, Chrystal Duggan) – SCE 4

In a very entertaining match, Quake and Sydney City shared the points in what was probably a fair result. After taking an early lead via Elise Sherry, it was up to Chrystal Duggan to score late in the half to hive Quake a narrow 2-1 edge. The second half went goal-for-goal with neither team able to take the win. In the end, a draw a fair result in a highly-competitive game.

Youth Men – Quake 5 (Jake McGing 3, Daniel Vellonio, Harley Da Silva) – SCE 2

This was a much-anticipated showdown between to great rivals. Quake got off to a great start with Harley Da Silva scoring in the 2nd minute. However, not to be outdone, Sydney City scored an equaliser, with the score staying at 1-all until the break. The second half seemed to be a repeat of the first with Quake (Jake) scoring early, only for the Eagles to return fire via a 6 meter penalty. The second half was being dominated by Quake, with their squad-depth proving to be the telling factor. First Jake, then Jake again, it was up to Daniel Vellonio to put his signature on the game with his first for the game and Quake’s fifth. It was a return to form for our Youth team…let’s hope it continues.

Women – Quake 2 (Laura Donnelly, Stephanie Haim) – SCE 1

A repeat of the last 2 Grand Finals lived up to expectations. In a low scoring match, all the scoring was done in the second half. Ashley Brown in the Quake goals was outstanding, keeping Quake in the game. Laura Donnelly scored just after the break, only for Sydney City to return parity 5 minutes later. It was Stephanie Haim who broke the deadlock in a great solo effort with just 12 minutes to go. The final instances of the game were very exciting; with neither team able to convert their chances. In the end, a good win to Quake against a great rival.

Men – Quake 4 (Danny Martinez 2, Dean Lockhart, Daniel Vellonio) – SCE 9

Another slow start has cost Quake dearly, as SCE went to a quick-fire 4-nil lead within the first 13 minutes. From there, against quality opposition, it was always going to be a difficult task to reverse the result. To Quake’s credit, they battled hard and on the break, Danny Martinez scored a header to give Quake and the score some respectability. Sydney City, lead magnificently by Chris Zeballos, always looked in control, despite back-to-back goals by Dean Lockhart and Daniel Vellonio. It was Danny Martinez who finished the scoring with his second for the game.

In the end, a disappointing result for Quake who struggles to get their full roster to matches.

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