A Tough Day On The Road (NSW)

Campbelltown City Quake

12 boys – Quake 2 (Cooper Da Silva, Harlan Sparkes) – BFS 5

It must be said that this inconsistent team did not play well. Poor passing let them down once again, often putting themselves under pressure. This team needs to learn to value possession more. Keep working lads!

12 girls – Quake 3 (Hannah Davey 2, Rosie Galea) – BFS 0

This was a good win. Never looking in doubt, our youngest ladies kept a clean sheet as well as scoring three good goals. Not unlike the 12 boys, our girls need to put a few wins back-to-back in order to climb the League Ladder.

14 boys – Quake 2 (Yasser Al Taay 2) – BFS 7

I often try to be positive to all our teams irrespective of the result. However, as I told Coach Gilligan, it is time these lads read how poorly they played. After a sensational start to the season, they have hit a bad patch they need to get out of quickly. It is again the poor start which seems to be haunting them. This week, they were 3-0 down before they reacted. Changes off the bench sparked them into action and were back in it at 3-2 down. However, the second half was a nightmare, conceding 3 unanswered goals to lose the match 7-2.

14 girls – Quake 4 (Ashlee Norman 2, Ruby Mosca, Mel Walsh) – BFS 4

This was the first of 3 matches that got away from Quake. To be honest, I don’t think we played all that well. We played catch-up during the entire match until the final minute when Mel Walsh appeared to have pinched all 3 points for Quake. However, Boomerangs got a late equaliser on the buzzer to split the points. Our girls keep their share of the competition ladder

16 Boys – Quake 4 (Daniel Araujo, Seba Malfara, Jack Taseski, Matias Da Silva Santos) – BFS 0

Any win away from home is a good win. Having driven 3 hours to play, score 4 and keep a clean-sheet, all signs of a team serious about their season. The competition leaders found breaking the ACT defence a difficult assignment as the Canberra team relied on fast breaks to score their goals. However, patience and good passing finally did the job, resulting in a convincing win.

16 Girls – Quake 0 – BFS 3

With only 4 of their regular squad playing, it was always going to be hard to get a result. With a heavy reliance on our 14 girls, the team run out of petrol. They conceded early goals which set them back early, and unfortunately, we could find no goals of our own.

Youth Men – Quake 2 (Jake McGing, Daniel Vellonio) – BFS 3

Arguably our most talented side on paper. However, recent results have temporarily put a question mark on their long term aspirations as our Youth Men must concentrate on their next game ONLY, which will hopefully, put them back on track. In what turned out to be an exciting finish, Quake’s inability to convert chances into goals cost them 3 points. Hitting the posts countless of times, it was left up to Boomerangs to score the winner on the buzzer to steal the points from Quake. Dominating possession and creating chances do not seem to be the issue. However, finishing is letting the team down. Of concern must be the 23 goals conceded in their 7 matches, a statistic they need to improve.

Women – Quake 2 (Claire Walsh, Zoeie Redman) – BFS 0

We did it tough this week. Scoring in the 1st minute (Zoeie) and in the 45th minute (Claire), the Quake girls did not have their killer instinct. Missing Laura Donnelly and Sam Muscat, some of our fire-power was not there. It was a patient win which keeps Quake equal 2nd, just 3 weeks away from Enfield Rovers, the competition leaders.

Men – Quake 5 (Danny Martinez 2, Mark Symington, Dean Lockhart, James Pearce) – BFS 5

This was the game of the day. Quake started on fire, with a clinical opening 10 minutes when they scored in the 3rd (Bully), 4th (Danny), 5th (Symo) and in the 7th (James Pearce) minutes. Not only where the Boomerangs shocked but so too the large crowd that stayed back to watch two quality teams. The one blemish in the first half was giving up possession mid court to give Boomerangs their opening goal.

The second half was a different story. Boomerangs controlled possession with their usual slow build ups, whilst Quake’s pace slowed as the game progressed. When Danny scored his 2nd and the team’s 5th, we all thought that 5-2 up with just 11 minutes to go was enough to win the game. However, Canberra goals in the 41st, 46th and the heart-breaker in the 49th minutes stole 2 points from a team which had (seemingly) done enough to win it.

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