Is this the initial Futsalroo Squad?


Reader ‘offside’ has sent through the following list of players for the 20 man Futsalroo squad, via a comment on one of our other stories.

Note the FFA still hasn’t published anything officially as yet, so the list below may not be final.

The 20 man squad is possibly as follows :

  • J. Mundell: Maccabi (NSW)
  • J. Badger: Maccabi (NSW)
  • L. Lewis: Maccabi (NSW)
  • D. Merrin: Dural Warriors (NSW)
  • G. Giovenale: Dural Warriors (NSW)
  • T. Seeto: Dural Warriors (NSW)
  • A. Bruce: Dural Warriors GK (NSW)
  • P. Spathis: Sydney City Eagles GK (NSW)
  • R. Miller: Sydney City Eagles (NSW)
  • A. Gomes: Sydney City Eagles (NSW)
  • C. Zeballos: Sydney City Eagles (NSW)
  • Y. Ekinci: Mascot Vipers (NSW)
  • M. Stamatellis: Mascot Vipers (NSW)
  • S. Keith: Campbelltown City Quake (NSW)
  • M. Symmington: Campbelltown City Quake (NSW)
  • S. Adeli: Enfield Rovers (NSW)
  • P. Gaffney: Sth Coast Taipans (NSW)
  • D. Nagulafe: (QLD)
  • F. De Moraes: (VIC)

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  1. Some very good players in there. Surprised to only see one player from Victoria. I thought they did very well in the F-League against Maccabi and Dural.

  2. To my understanding De Moraes and Ngalaufe both play for Vic Vipers FC in the MFL. Ngalaufe has been living and playing in Victoria for over 6 months now.

  3. if coach do not know other state players than all state should say2 players for team to sydney. Trial then selcet a nationall team after seening all players not just select own club players becasue he knows them or paid by club. victoria and nsw 2 best teams at nationals. vic 1 player selected nsw 18 players. danny did not play for vic. Rubbish.

  4. Cv. I think Imad has a point. If FFA does not have the funds for the coach to see other players than the other States should be able to nominate several players to trial together with the NSW players. Than the best players inAustralia can be selected, not just the players from NSW. I think NSW will feel hard done by if the coach was Victorian and only selected Vic players because he knows them.

  5. Well that would never happen. best leagues in the country are in NSW, if the players from other states feel hard done by and they really have it as thier dream to be a futsalroo, then make the commmitment and the change to play in the best leagues in the country to better your chances. you think good welsh players stick to wales or would go to England to play in the Premier League? if people want to make it big in any sport requires sacrifice, so make the sacrifice then and move to NSW to be in the eye and in the best leagues, better your chances. just the way it is, if the best leagues were in melbourne then id say move there, same as QLD and Perth, but truth is they arent and there isnt.

  6. I look forward to the day when futsal is flouring in multiple states, with numbers booming, the standard of leagues improving across the board, coverage you couldn’t miss, when our national coach is given a satisfactory budget to try and test the cream of the crop in the country, to train those lucky enough to be national representatives regularly, when the factions, divisions and groups are unified and we have a strategic plan to improve participation across all levels.

  7. CV, isn’t that what Boomerangs have done yet they have 0 players in the national squad despite sitting only 1 point off the lead in the strongest comp in Australia.

  8. What hypocrisy and arrogance by cv. If you have to play in the best league in the country to be a futsalroo how did the 3 maccabi players get selected? Even John Meyers admit the superleague is pretty weak. And the maccabi women has now lost what, 20 matches in a row? And there is no point for other state players coming in play in the Premier League if Steven Knight is not watching is there? Football Vic should complain to FFA.

  9. No point complaining, the ffa haven’t been listening to any futsal people for years and that wont change for many more years.

  10. its true! sadly, Victoria has won nothing! No silverware.

    Furthermore current league players, have no previous national experience, there is way too many quality players ineligible & there is no cash for the green & gold!

    Futsalroos vs The States

    January, in Canberra

    2012 FFA Futsal National Titles.

    these matches should feel the stadiums.

  11. info about selected players playing in vic

    Danny Nagulafe is with CF Brunswick as a player coach & played 16 games kicking 17 goals in the 2011 v-league premiership season.

    Fernado De Moraes played 9 games, kicked 20 goals helping Nth Melbourne FC win the 2011 v-league premiership

    Good luck gentleman

  12. Futsal4Vic, let’s get one thing straight. V-League is a local social comp. Yes they claim they are the best league in Victoria (excellent marketing and hype on their part and good on them), and the standard is pretty good for a comp played on a small court – but that’s all it is – a very well run local comp.. Players can not be selected via V-League for National selection as it isn’t even sanctioned by FFV or FFA.
    These players have been selected (or will be selected) for the Futsalroos because they are FFA registered with clubs that play in the MFL.

    CV – get off your high horse. NSW was once the only league to play in if you wanted a Futsalroo call up, but having watched countless matches in NSW & VIC, the gap is now non exsitant. The best players and teams from either state can take it up to one another.
    It’s a shame the National coach doesn’t have the resources and money to take advantage of this – which just shows the contempt FFA has for this game.

  13. Couldn’t agree with you more Viper.

    BTW, a rumor has it that a third Vic Vipers player has been approached for the Futsalroos training squad.
    Just goes to show you, nothing “official” has been said or done. As John Elliot would say “PIGS 4R5E”.

  14. Correct the V-League does not qualify players for the Vic team or Futsalroos.

    Never the less its a very good competition where the playing standard does match the marketing hype. IMO both are first class.

    Yes its a small court but you will find that multiple NSW Premier League clubs still play on courts which are technically too small.

  15. nike v-league is nothing but a local social comp! & futsal loving victorians are proud of it!

    Call it what you like Ladies & Gentleman: some info

    NIKE is the major sponsor with plenty of prize money for the league & cup.
    It attracts a healthy live audience week in week out with up to 1000 patrons attending.
    It has a plethora of quality futsal players. local, interstate & foreign
    It is played all year round. 22 rounds for the league & 3 rounds for the Foz Cup.
    It has promotion relegation – The State League is the 2nd tier & Division One is the 3rd tier.
    It attracts interstate players – such as Renagi Ingram, Danny Nagulafe & recently young Mark Brackenrig
    Legends like Mark Burton (27 caps with New Zealand & Oceania player of the year) playing in it. he is magic

    It has a whole junior league attached to it! from 4 yo to 14 yo… so the future is bright.

    Furthermore – This social local comp has a cult following all over the globe with over 2 thousand internet views per round, week in week out & thats just from abroad. http://futsaloz.com.au/category/futsaloz-tv/

    v-league is also aired every Tuesdays at 7pm prime time, on Channel 31 with approx 40 thousand viewers, that is pretty good exposure for futsal! & Soon to be aired on “Aurora” on the Foxtel network, thats national. http://www.c31.org.au/program/view/program/futbol-town-show

    It hits the LOCAL social rag the Goal weekly every week with 4 thousand readers. http://www.goalweekly.com/index.phpoption=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=81&Itemid=132

    Futsal4all are doing a fantastic job promoting FUTSAL in GENERAL.

    There is a reason for all this exposure viper – its called DEMAND!

    For the record the nike v-league is not affiliated with the FFV & is not competing with the MFL, in fact it willingly & happily supports both & will do so in the future.


    Interested in play premiership FUTSAL all year round?
    Please contact FUTSAL Oz NIKE V-LEAGUE premiership on 1300 788 799 or info@futsaloz.com.au – All contracts/arrangements/information are confidential.

    FINALLY – Viper & Bolero Gustozo – I bet you dont even know who was in the MFL Grand Final?

  16. You’ve just reinforced what I stated earlier – a very well run and organised local comp, with a lot of hype and marketing. Good on you. Never said anything to the contrary. The fact remains, you cannot be picked for a National or State team by playing in these leagues, you must play in the MFL (and possibly in the F-League – I’m not certain) to get a call up.
    This topic was about the National team and which players have already been given a call up, when you incorrectly stated Ngalaufe and Moraes were chosen from Brunswick and Nth Melbourne in the V-League. You were subsequently and rightly corrected, so you took that as having a go at V-League and your centre.

    BTW, the MFL final was played by the Inner City Lions & Tigers.
    Some of us know a little more than what only occurs in the V-League. We are intimate with futsal outside your little bubble and are not blinded by your bright lights.

  17. ok Viper – I know De Moraes was registered with inner city & Nagulafe with vipers

    how many games Did they play in the MFL or F-League?

  18. The amount of games is irrelevant. What is relevant is that they could play 1000 games in V-League and still be ineligible and play 10 seconds in MFL or F-League and be eligible – that is all that counts. Which ever way you try and justify it or try and sell it, the V-League simply does NOT count.
    I think we have hijacked this forum and this topic enough to understand we are not achieving anything constructive. See you around the traps. Maybe even at V-League.

  19. This is funny……Futsal4Vic is looking to start an argument.. I disagree with Viper on one point though. V-League is relevant, it gives the better futsal players an avenue to train all year long and hone their futsal skill for 50 weeks of the year, but that is where its importance stops.
    I’ll try and figure out who you two are when at V-League next on Wednesday nights………..as if I already don’t know!!!!!

  20. Are you relying on me to give you the answers…… Typical!!!

    Moraes didn’t play 1 second of MFL but played in the F-League. Ngalaufe played 1 or 2 games in MFL for Vic Vipers and I’m pretty sure 1 of them didn’t count as that team withdrew from the league.
    Stick to the topic. Don’t try and make this who knows more about futsal in Vic – you WILL lose every time.

  21. This is your 1st comment on this article:

    To my understanding De Moraes and Ngalaufe both play for Vic Vipers FC in the MFL. Ngalaufe has been living and playing in Victoria for over 6 months now.

    This is funny boooooom


  22. I think I speak for many of us. Futsal4Vic you are an idiot!!!!!

    It’s people like you who disenfranchise legitimate patrons of the game in Victoria. Viper has been spot on with everything he has stated, but you being the attention seeking child you are spoil it for the rest of us. You harp on such insignificant issues and are just here for an argument. Do us all the favour and shut your cakehole!!!!!

    FYI I understand how Viper has made the small mistake of quoting De Moraes as a Vic Vipers player – because for all and sundry he is and always will be (even according to FFA’s MyFootballClub he is), just because he played for Inner City for one weekend in the F-League doesn’t make him anything but a Vic Vipers player.

  23. what about when luke hayden was playing for aus… he wasnt playing FFA nationals.. was with vikings nationals (qld) at their comp… steve goes to the vikings nationals to have a look. im sure its still anyone in aus can be selected for a national team (provided they meet fifa eligibility etc). can someone show evidence against this?

  24. SirJohn,
    Luke Hayden was registered with Football Nsw as he played a few games in the Nsw Premier League with Inner West Allstars so therefore he was eligible for Australia at that particular time.
    His selection had nothing to do with Vikings Nationals!

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