Prawns good form leaves Boomerangs sweating (ACT)

Capital Football Futsal

Two emphatic victories from two matches has ensured that Canberra City Prawns keep up the chase on Boomerangs FS at the top of the men’s Futsal Premier League as Round 9 was completed last week.

The Prawns were too clinical for both ANU FC and TUFC Gunners smashing seventeen goals in two games with Daniel Fulton leading the way with six goals across the two grades. The Prawns started their drive towards the top of the ladder with a convincing 10-3 win over ANU FC. Fulton grabbed four in that encounter with team mate Robert Cattanach also scoring four goals. Chris Lee and George Cattanach added the others in a fairy one-sided game. Tom McLachlan did score twice for ANU FC, and there was a goal for Phillip Mackay, but the Canberra City team was comfortable winners.

Fulton followed up his four-goal haul against ANU FC with a brace as TUFC Gunners were beaten 7-2. Fulton’s double was added to by a hat-trick from George Cattanach taking his season total to twelve for the campaign. Pat Ross-Magee also scored twice in the Prawns win which showed their class and expertise of the indoor game. Tim Mathas and James McLachlan scored for the Gunners but McLachlan’s evening turned sour when he saw red in the second half.

Earlier in the evening the Gunners had blitzed the WV Timberwolves winning 5-0 in what was possibly their best display of the season to date. The goals were shared amongst the team with Daniel Beaumont, Lucas Fattore, Jackson Kupke, Tim Mathas and Tim Stewart all finding a way past Jamie Richardson in the Timberwolves goal. The win was important as it gave the Gunners a five point cushion over the Timberwolves in the battle for fourth place.

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that the Canberra Olympic Supercats will be in the mix to defend their crown as they lost for the sixth time this season, narrowly falling 1-2 to league leaders Boomerangs FS. Peter Farrelly scored for the first time this season for the Supercats but goals from Michael Reeve and Glenn Smith edged out one of the pre-season favourites and it looks a long way back from here. However, few would write off this experienced group of players just yet.

Finally, it was a goal extravaganza as Queanbeyan City met Woden Valley with the NSW based club side winning 7-5. Zach Knight bagged a hat-trick to take over as leading scorer in the Golden Boot race whilst there was also a treble for Rory Devlin who moves onto eleven goals for the year. Mathew Ryan added the other goal for a Queanbeyan side that is still up amongst the front-runners. Simon Hinde netted four of Woden’s five goals, the other coming from Daniel Sparrow, but despite this heroic effort his team was narrowly beaten and still search for a first win of the competition.

Thursday 3rd November 2011

Canberra Olympic Supercats 1 (Peter Farrelly) Boomerangs FS 2 (Michael Reeve, Glenn Smith)
Canberra Olympic Supercats: 1. Angelo Konstantinou (gk), 3. Misko Naumoski, 4. Adrian Dowling, 7. Domenic Giampaolo, 8. Scott Manson, 11. Lee Pietrukowski, 15. Matt Valeri, 23. Peter Farrelly
Boomerangs FS: 23. Domenic De Marco (gk), 4. Sam Smith, 5. Glenn Smith, 6. Michael Reeve, 7. Evan Ekin-Smyth, 8. Jason O’Dwyer, 9. Kristian Collins, 10. Travis Dries
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

WV Timberwolves 0 TUFC Gunners 5 (Daniel Beaumont, Lucas Fattore, Jackson Kupke, Tim Mathas, Tim Stewart)
WV Timberwolves: 21. Jamie Richardson (gk), 3. Callum Smith, 6. Timothy Denne. 8. Jeoff Noja, 9. Lukas Cole, 11. Andy Richardson, 15. Ben Harrington, 16. Matthew Zeitlhofer, 17. Robbie Strachan, 18. Dom Fane De Salis
TUFC Gunners: 17. Matt Menser (gk), 3. Tim Mathas, 6. Tim Stewart, 7. Jackson Kupke, 8. Luke Fattore, 9. Daniel Beaumont, 10. James McLachlan, 11. Peter McLachlan
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 9. Daniel Beaumont (TUFC Gunners)

ANU FC 3 (Tom McLachlan (2), Phillip Mackay) Canberra City Prawns 10 (Robert Cattanach (4), Daniel Fulton (4), Chris Lee, George Cattanach)
ANU FC: 1. Matthew Bevacqua (gk), 4. Sam Carters, 5. Alexander Meibusch, 6. Tom McLachlan, 8. Adrian Stroh, 10. Phillip Mackay, 13. Joe Chapman, 20. William Sheppard
Canberra City Prawns: 18. Kieran Stroh (gk), 4. Robert Cattanach, 7. Chris Lee, 8. Ryan Keir, 9. George Cattanach, 15. Daniel Fulton
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

Queanbeyan City 7 (Rory Devlin (3), Zach Knight (3), Mathew Ryan) Woden Valley 5 (Simon Hinde (4), Daniel Sparrow)
Queanbeyan City: 1. Andrew McGurgan (gk), 6. Mathew Ryan, 7. Nathan Walker, 8. Dragan Stegnjaic, 9. Vele Dukoski, 10. Zach Knight, 14. Rory Devlin, 16. Anthony Pulciani
Woden Valley: 14. Michael Portelli (gk), 8. Dylan Alexandrow-Ridley, 10. Simon Hinde, 11. Daniel Sparrow, 13. Samale Mohamed
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 8. Dragan Stegnjaic (Queanbeyan City)

Canberra City Prawns 7 (George Cattanach (3), Daniel Fulton (2), Pat Ross-Magee (2)) TUFC Gunners 2 (Tim Mathas, James McLachlan)
Canberra City Prawns: 18. Kieran Stroh (gk), 1. Pat Ross-Magee, 4. Robert Cattanach, 7. Chris Lee, 8. Ryan Keir, 9. George Cattanach, 15. Daniel Fulton
TUFC Gunners: 17. Matt Menser (gk), 3. Tim Mathas, 6. Tim Stewart, 7. Jackson Kupke, 8. Luke Fattore, 9. Daniel Beaumont, 10. James McLachlan, 11. Peter McLachlan
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 9. George Cattanach, 15. Daniel Fulton (both Canberra City Prawns), 8. Luke Fattore, 10. James McLachlan (both TUFC Gunners)
RED CARDS: 10. James McLachlan (TUFC Gunners)



13 Zach KNIGHT (Queanbeyan City)

12 George CATTANACH (Canberra City Prawns), Lukas COLE (WV Timberwolves)

11 Daniel FULTON (Canberra City Prawns), Rory DEVLIN, Dragan STEGNJAIC (both Queanbeyan City)

9 Simon HINDE (Woden Valley)

8 Glenn SMITH (Boomerangs FS)

7 Matthew WHYTE (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Nathan WALKER (Queanbeyan City)

6 Travis DRIES (Boomerangs FS), Robert CATTANACH, Pat ROSS-MAGEE (both Canberra City Prawns), Scott MANSON (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Luke FATTORE (TUFC Gunners)

5 Philip MACKAY (ANU FC), Michael REEVE (Boomerangs FS), Daniel SPARROW (Woden Valley)

4 Kristian COLLINS (Boomerangs FS), Daniel BEAUMONT, Tim MATHAS (both TUFC Gunners)

3 David DEXTER, Evan EKIN-SMYTH, Sam SMITH (all Boomerangs FS), Ryan KEIR, Chris LEE (both Canberra City Prawns), Domenic GIAMPAOLO, Elia SALLOUM, Lee PIETRUKOWSKI (all Canberra Olympic Supercats), Matt RYAN (Queanbeyan City), James McLACHLAN, Matt MENSER (both TUFC Gunners), Ben HARRINGTON, Matthew ZEITLHOFER (both WV Timberwolves)

2 Sam CARTERS, Tom MCLACHLAN, Adrian STROH (all ANU FC), Jason O’DWYER (Boomerangs FS), Trent FLANIGAN (Canberra City Prawns), Misko NAUMOSKI (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Jackson KUPKE, Peter McLACHLAN (both TUFC Gunners), Dylan ALEXANDROW-RIDLEY, Mouad ZWED (both Woden Valley), Jeoff NOJA, Thomas ZEITLHOFER (both WV Timberwolves)

1 Alexander MEIBUSCH, William SHEPPARD (both ANU FC), Peter FARRELLY, Angelo KONSTANTINOU (both Canberra Olympic Supercats), Vele DUKOSKI, Anthony PULCIANI (both Queanbeyan City), Tim STEWART (TUFC Gunners), Daniel PEKEVSKI (Woden Valley), Andy RICHARDSON, Robbie STRACHAN (both WV Timberwolves), own GOALS

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