Record players attend 2011 Football NSW Futsal State Championships

Football NSW

The 2011 Football NSW Futsal State Championships were held over the weekend across two days as a record number of 235 teams and over 1500 players competed in what was a memorable event for all involved.

Football NSW CEO Eddie Moore was delighted with the tremendous support the 2011 Football NSW Futsal State Championships drew across the two days.

“To have the magnitude of over 1500 players and 235 teams participate in this wonderful event really boosts the name of Futsal not only in this state but the country.

“Credit must be given to every participant, coach, manager, parent and supporter that made these two days such a success.”

Penrith Valley Regional Sports Stadium played host to the junior competition and some of the best up and coming Futsal talent on show.

All age groups were fiercely contested with great Futsal played throughout the two days of competition.

Junior Final Results

  • 9 Boys Mr Soccer Futsal 3 def. Soccer De Brazil 2
  • 10 Boys SCB 5 def. Coasties 2
  • 11 Boys Vipers Black 5 def. Inner West Orange 4
  • 12 Girls Inner West 8 def. GWS Vikings 2
  • 12 Boys Mountain Majik 5 def. Enfield Rovers 2
  • 13 Boys Western Force 8 def. Botany Bay Pirates 5
  • 14 Girls Vipers 5 def. Mountain Majik 1
  • 14 Boys Mountain Majik 4 def. Quake 3
  • 15 Boys SCB 6 def. Mountain Majik 4

At Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium the action was face paced across the weekend with a number of matches being decided with the last kick of the game.

Senior Final Results

  • 16 Girls Average Joes 8 def. Phoenix 3
  • 16 Boys Enfield Rovers 7 def. Phoenix 1
  • Youth Men Warriors 7 def. Newcastle 1
  • Women SCB 3 def. Quake 2
  • Men SCB 3 def. Taipans 2

The Athletes with Disabilities divisions were also played across the weekend with 10 sides taking part across the weekend. These games drew big crowds and the players proved that Futsal a game that can be played by everyone and are a welcomed inclusion to the Futsal family.

Athletes with Disabilities Finals Results

  • A Division White Knights def. RSAC
  • B Division Northern Area Recreation Association (NARA) def. Central Coast

Football NSW would like to thank all players, officials and parents for making the weekend a tremendous weekend of Futsal action

For full results click here (PDF)

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