Semi-Final fight intensifies in Women’s Futsal Premier League (ACT)

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The fight for places in the semi-finals of the women’s Futsal Premier League continues as six teams vie for four spots with two rounds remaining. And, with only Woden Valley and Boomerangs FS sure of a place in the semis there is still lots to play for in the last two fixtures for four clubs, Whilst Gungahlin United Suns, El Diva Belwest, Players FC and Belconnen United fight for their season, Woden Valley needs only one point to be mathematically sure of finishing top, even though with their impressive goal difference it would take a disastrous last set of matches for the to fall from their perch.

A comfortable, if routine, 3-0 win over Belwest Foxes that featured goals from leading scorer Ashleigh Palombi, Julia De Angelis and Emma Thornton have put Woden in a position where they could even lose to Players FC and the Suns in their games left and still claim top spot. The reigning champions, Boomerangs FS, cemented their second place with an equally simple 4-0 win over Players FC with goals shared between Rebecca Collins, Laura Jones, Michaela Day and Rachel Crittenden. The Boomerangs could have a major say in who makes the finals as they face Belconnen United this Friday.

The Blue Devils have kept themselves in contention after scraping past Tuggeranong United 3-2 in an exciting match. Alison Lound scored twice for Belconnen with Brittany Smale adding the third goal whilst Kristy Helmers and Katherine McFadyen replying for a Tuggeranong team that needs a win if they are to avoid finishing bottom of the pile.

In the other fixture played last week Gungahlin United Suns were beaten 4-2 by El Diva Belwest. El Diva needed a win to keep alive their hopes of qualifying and they got it via goals from Michelle Thompson (2), Sabrina Spinapolice and Kim Crocker. Kiley Green and Dianne Wilson netted for the Suns who must take points off Tuggeranong if they are to keep their third place position.


Friday 25th November
El Diva Belwest v Belwest Foxes
Woden Valley v Players FC
Belconnen United v Boomerangs FS
Gungahlin United Suns v Tuggeranong United

Friday 2nd December
Woden Valley v Gungahlin United Suns
Boomerangs FS v Tuggeranong United
Belconnen United v Belwest Foxes
El Diva Belwest v Players FC


Round 13
Friday 18th November 2011

Woden Valley 3 (Ashleigh Palombi, Julia De Angelis, Emma Thornton) Belwest Foxes 0
Woden Valley: 1. Gill Raymond (gk), 5. Sophie Kochinos, 7. Erin Clout, 8. Ellie Raymond, 10. Ashleigh Palombi, 12. Brittany Palombi, 13. Emma Thornton, 17. Julia De Angelis
Belwest Foxes: 1. Shontelle Hellyer (gk), 2. Hayley Buckingham, 3. Meredith Leach, 4. Katrina Staniforth, 7. Cassandra Rankine, 8. Erika Pennyfield, 9. Stephanie Trimble, 11. Skye Metherell
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

Boomerangs FS 4 (Rebecca Collins, Laura Jones, Michaela Day, Rachel Crittenden) Players FC 0
Boomerangs FS: 16. Klara Manenica (gk), 2. Amanda Aurousseau, 3. Rachel Crittenden, 4. Rebecca Collins, 5. Michaela Day, 7. Sarah Crittenden, 9. Siena Senatore, 10. Laura Jones
Players FC: 1. Tahlia Davidson (gk), 2. Najwa Allen, 5. Aleisha Tupper, 7. Emma Beaumont, 8. Rhianna Goldstein, 10. Rachael Goldstein, 12. Kendall Smith, 13. Maja Blasch, 15. Alice Churchill, 18. Gemma Matheson
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 5. Michaela Day (Boomerangs FS)

Gungahlin United Suns 2 (Kiley Green, Dianne Wilson) El Diva Belwest 4 (Michelle Thompson (2), Sabrina Spinapolice, Kim Crocker)
Gungahlin United Suns: 1. Tahlia Gash (gk), 3. Kiley Green, 7. Laura Sofoulis, 10. Brittany Tully, 13. Lizzie Read, 14. Caitlin Taylor, 16. Dianne Wilson
El Diva Belwest: 1. Natalie Lacey (gk), 2. Kim Crocker, 3. Aniko Berguno, 4. Sabrina Spinapolice, 7. Michelle Thompson, 10. Luisa Marzotto
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

Tuggeranong United 2 (Kristy Helmers, Katherine McFadyen) Belconnen United 3 (Alison Lound (2), Brittany Smale)
Tuggeranong United: 7. Jocelyn Mara (gk), 2. Freyja Jacobsen, 3. Kristy Helmers, 4. Sigourney Dunk, 8. Phoebe Sutherland, 9. Katherine McFadyen
Belconnen United: 1. Jessica Giovinazzo (gk), 4. Emma Heany, 7. Brittany Smale, 8. Alison Lound, 9. Jessica Goyne, 10. Kate Davoren, 14. Jessica McEwan, 15. Clare Munro
Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 14. Jessica McEwan (Belconnen United)



15 Ashleigh PALOMBI (Woden Valley)

14 Brittany PALOMBI (Woden Valley)

10 Laura SOFOULIS (Gungahlin United Suns), Sophie KOCHINOS (Woden Valley)

8 Sarah CRITTENDEN (Boomerangs FS), Brittany TULLY (Gungahlin United Suns)

7 Hayley BUCKINGHAM (Belwest Foxes), Becky ROCHE (Boomerangs FS), Nicole SOMI (El Diva Belwest), Najwa ALLEN (Players FC)

6 Alison LOUND, Bronwyn STUDMAN (both Belconnen United), Rachel CRITTENDEN (Boomerangs FS), Michelle THOMPSON (El Diva Belwest), Dianne WILSON (Gungahlin United Suns)

5 Tahlia STANLEY (Belwest Foxes), Rebecca COLLINS (Boomerangs FS), Aniko BERGUNO, Kim CROCKER (both El Diva Belwest), Aleisha TUPPER (Players FC), Freyja JACOBSEN, Annica SCHOO (both Tuggeranong United), Emma THORNTON (Woden Valley)

4 Jess GOYNE, Jess McEWAN, Brittany SMALE (all Belconnen United), Erika PENNYFIELD (Belwest Foxes), Amanda AUROUSSEAU (Boomerangs FS), Luisa MARZOTTO (El Diva Belwest), Rachael GOLDSTEIN (Players FC), Kristy HELMERS (Tuggeranong United)

3 Michaela DAY, Laura JONES (both Boomerangs FS), Celia BROWN, Kiley GREEN (both Gungahlin United Suns), Auraelia BULLOT, Alice CHURCHILL, Rhianna GOLDSTEIN (all Players FC), Julia DE ANGELIS (Woden Valley)

2 Meredith LEACH, Cassie RANKINE, Holly TRIMBLE (all Belwest Foxes), Michelle AUROUSSEAU (Boomerangs FS), Vanh MANTHONGSY, Shona ROBSON (both El Diva Belwest), Emma BEAUMONT, Maja BLASCH, Gemma MATHESON (all Players FC), Kelsey PERRY, Ellie RAYMOND (both Woden Valley), own GOALS

1 Clare MUNRO (Belconnen United), Skye METHERELL, Stephanie TRIMBLE (both Belwest Foxes), Sabrina SPINAPOLICE (El Diva Belwest), Lizzie READ (Gungahlin United Suns), Sigourney DUNK, Katherine McFADYEN, Elena SCHOO (all Tuggeranong United), Erin CLOUT (Woden Valley)

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