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Congratulations and a big “Thank You” to Australia Futsal Association, (Vikings) for putting on such a great tournament.

Competition was fierce and it was great to see that all states were competitive and that not just one state dominated all ages. For the record, we are not part of NSW but our own state NNSW with three regions Central Coast, NNSW Hunter, NNSW Mid Coast. We welcome Daniel, Chris and their crew to the Strikers organisation.

Both Central Coast and NNSW Hunter (METRO) gained valuable experienced training against each other during the period leading up to the Nationals and we will be working with the other clubs in the region to assist in future Futsal developments.


To summarise our results our two under 10 teams and one under 11 team, for their first time competing, did really well and won at least one game.

Past NNSW teams struggled to win any. With our academy program being reintroduced, I am sure they will do as well as our other teams in the future.

Our NNSW under 12’s played in the Quarter finals and our Central Coast Strikers under 12 team, won the Under 12 Championships trophy.

NNSW under 13’s lost in an exciting Grand Final against Central Coast Strikers under 13’s. Another Championship trophy to the region.

The under 14 NNSW team , after a slow start, did really well and were very competitive considering their average age was only 13 and were playing against players a year older. How good are we in under 13’s?!?

Our NNSW 15 were Premiers BEST in Australia. Unfortunately lost to Queensland in the Grand Finals. This team and coach Manny have been together for 4 years and shows, if we stick together, what one can achieve.

Our NNSW 16’s, who for the last two years haven’t won a game made semis by coming fourth in a pool of eight. Central Coast Strikers coming a very gallant 6th.

Our senior squads, well what can I say about them, the girls really gave it to all teams in one of the hardest Women’s competitions I have ever seen in my fifteen years with Futsal. Although coming eighth they won the admiration of a lot of other teams used to flogging NNSW girls. Hopefully word will get out and we can attract more girls and women to this wonderful sport.

The Youth team (brand new team) after a very bad start came fifth one point away from fourth and drew with last years winners, Queensland City.

Some very exciting games was watched by all in this group with last second goals to take victories or equalise with opponents.

Finally our men’s team after so many years made the top four in a competition that was very strong with Queensland regions, NSW regions, and Tasmania regions having well trained Futsal teams. The team dedicated their Semi Final placing to all past players of NNSW Men’s and especially to those early years when NNSW struggled to win, even one game.

We have finally arrived and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Well done NNSW regions. Well done Coaches. Thank you supporters.

Also thank you and well done to all our referees that participated at the Nationals.

Summer Club competitions re start next week. The Autumn Club Futsal competition will start at most centres 1st week March 2012.

New competitions, Academies, information for Australian selected players, coaches and referees courses and other development news will be given once to hand and advertised in Newcastle Post.

For any interested person, some photos have been placed on Hunter Futsal Strikers “Facebook“ page

Kind Regards

George Poulos.


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  1. “Our NNSW 16’s, who for the last two years haven’t won a game made semis”- So move to vikings and win games?

    Just interested to see what people think about this?

  2. It shows how much weaker the Vikings Nationals are than the FFA Nationals.

    The same teams that got flogged in Canberra in previous years can go to Vikings and win age groups, or make semi’s.

    Whilst I’m glad the kids are playing Futsal, and any competition is better than none, let’s not pretend that it is a truly National standard competition in Sydney.

    Well Done on your wins, especially to the kids teams, but I would like to see the teams front up to some of the sides that played in Canberra, and then we all could see the difference in standard.

    Won’t happen, but would settle a few arguments, that’s for sure.

  3. the summary in part says : that not just one state dominated all ages : is he referring to FNSW. if anyone saw the u12 boys/ queensland/ thunder gf and saw players parents and spectators joy at queensland winning would realise how much it means to beat the best sides. FNSW has the best stucture and translates on to the court.

  4. Trying to sap the joy out of these kids achievements – You blokes are absolutely pathetic little grubs. It is the likes of you that turn kids off futsal.

    Are your own feelings of insecurity so great that you have to continually bleat this ‘Mine is bigger than yours’ garbage?

    Man-up and grow up you little weasels.

    A big congratulations to all the kids who played in both Sydney and Canberra.

  5. did anyone see daniel fogarty play this year? saw he made all stars and surprised not to see him named in handbook for FFA (since he a full capped futsalroo)

  6. Good on you Paul. All these people who want to think they are better have low self esteems. Who cares who’s comp was the most competitive. Grow up whingers!

  7. None of the Viking members are saying we are better than them. Just the FNSW people who think they are superior. Same issue with P22, kids have big egos because they are in the program. Get over it. There are lots of avenues for great training, great competition etc. It doesn’t all have to be FNSW.

  8. Charise, I’m not sure exactly what a “Viking member” is but some of the reports and comments here and elsewhere give the impression that some from the Vikings camp don’t even acknowledge that someone other than Vikings actually runs Futsal competitions at a national level.

  9. I am happy to recognise and applaud any kid who wins a trophy in 2nd, 3rd or 4th division etc. The issue here is that Vikings are promoting their competition as 1st division and its not.

    If you have a problem with people pointing out that the FFA is the true National level competition, take it up with the Vikings Management, not people here telling the truth.

  10. I am a parent of one of those 12 Qld boys that won Nationals. We were delighted due to the fact that they performed so well and did beat an extremely talented bunch of boys in the NSW Thunder side. Half of that team were at the Vikings Nationals last year and I can tell you now they are thrilled with not only the level of competition but the way that our boys stood up to the task. I am sure that in future they will remain at the FFA Nationals particularly since we have supported Vikings in the past and they have now excluded young boys from their tournaments as they chose FFA Nationals over Vikings

  11. kids dad, there has been comments here that vikings were not excluding players that attended ffa nationls. anyway vikings loss/ ffa gain

  12. Some teams are stronger in Vikings and some stronger in FFA. Is that really the issue here?
    Is it not about kids having a go and playing and being involved in the sport.
    Stop being pathetic and start embracing the good things that are being achieved at National level whether it be Vikings or FFA.

  13. Well said. It’s not us and them. It’s all about everyone. Kids from both comps get great opportunites. That should be aplauded!

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