Northern Beaches Winter 2012 Comps (NSW)

Northern Beaches Futsal Assoc.

Welcome to the Winter Futsal 2012 Season!

Start Dates

  • Monday Nights – April 16th 2012
  • Tuesday Nights – April 17th 2012
  • Wednesday Nights – April 18th 2012
  • Thursday Nights – April 19th 2012

Make your own team!

There is no club structure in Futsal so you make your own team with your friends, choose your own team name and team colours!

Summer Registrations carry over for Winter!

If you played with in an NBFA competition during summer or a NSW Futsal Competition (Click here to see which competitions are NSW Futsal) then you have alread paid registration and only pay match fees!

Choose a competition

Below is a list of all competitions the NBFA will be running this winter. Make sure to fill in which competition you want to play in on your registration form. There will be more details on how to register below.


Click Here to register in the competitions listed above.


If you have a Junior team who are interested in playing Futsal this Winter then please call 9981 2528 or email to register your interest. The NBFA will run a competition if there is enough interest.

How much does it cost?

The NBFA will invoice each team this year before Round 2 of the competition. All fees both registration and match are to be paid by round 6 of the competition. The team manager must collect this money and be handed as a team payment. Below are the fees for this Winter:


Only Players who did not play futsal in summer:

  • Juniors – $25
  • Seniors (U18+)- $40

Match Fees

The NBFA is a non-profit organisation. Each team pays a fee for each match to help cover hall hire, referee, equipment and administrations costs. Match fees are:

  • Juniors – $50
  • Seniors – $60

What do we wear?

All teams are required to wear matching shirts, shorts and football socks. Seniors require numbered shirts. Teams are free to choose the team kit of their choice as long as they fulfil the above requirments.

Our partners Futsal Plus have team kits (shirt, shorts and socks plus free numbering) for $40 per player. Click here to see the full Team Rhino range.

Alternatively if you were after just a shirt Futsal Plus has numbered playing shirts from $15 a player. To see the full range please visit the Futsal Plus Dee Why Store. (Shop 3/2a Redman Road, Dee Why).

What are the rules?

CLICK HERE to view the rules of Futsal.

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