The Futsal Fair Play Award is Back! (ACT)

Capital Football Futsal

Capital Football Futsal is delighted to announce that the Futsal Fair Play Award is back for the winter 2012 season. For full information on the award and how your team can win it, click here. (also shown below)

Futsal Fair Play Award Winter 2012 Season

With the 2012 Winter Futsal Season now kicking off, Capital Football Futsal is pleased to announce that the Futsal Fair Play Award is back for the winter season! Once again, the winning team will receive a full playing kit (shirt, shorts and socks for each player), in their size and choice of colour.

The Fair Play Award will run almost exactly the same as it did in the summer season, with one difference. Due to the lower number of teams in the winter competition, there will not be separate categories for men’s, women’s and mixed teams. Therefore, there will only be one winning team at the end of the season.

The award will be scored the same way though, with referees allocating points on a scale of 0-3 at the end of each match. Points will not be counted for finals matches. Should two teams finish the season equal on points, the winner will be determined firstly on the highest ratio of points per game, secondly by the number of yellow/red cards received during the season, and if they are still level, by the position in which they finished on the ladder.

Once again Capital Football Futsal would like to thank the Canberra PCYC for their continued generous support of the Futsal Fair Play Award, which has made it possible for us to continue the award in the winter season.

Capital Football Futsal would also like to wish all teams the best of luck in the upcoming season, and to encourage all teams to continue to prioritise fair play and ensure that Futsal remains a fun and safe sport for all involved.

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