Capital Football Futsal Advisory Group – Nominations Open

Capital Futsal

To: Capital Football Clubs

cc: Capital Football Board & Staff

From: Richard Reid

Subject: Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Date: 8/6/12


Please find following the terms of reference & appointments process for the Advisory Groups as previously advised.

1) It has been agreed by the Board of Capital Football (CF) that six advisory groups will be implemented to assist with the running of the business. They will bring recommendations to the Board of CF for their consideration.

2) The six advisory groups are as follows; as previously advised these groups will be chaired by a CF Board or a CF staff member & the following have been appointed by the Board of CF to head the groups.

  • Club Football Senior Men’s (Chair; Chris Canton)
  • Club Football Junior Boys (Chair; Lisa Jones)
  • Club Football Women’s/Girls (Chair; Alida Shanks)
  • Commercial (Chair; David Taylor)
  • Football Development (Chair; Andy Hedge)
  • Futsal (Chair; Tracy Fleet)

NB: The CF Board has also appointed a Finance & Risk Sub-Committee of which it’s representatives are Phil Barry (Chair), Matt Snaddon & David Meiklejohn (co-opted).

There will be a minimum of six further members of each advisory group (represented as per Item 5 below) with the ability to have others coopted by the Board of CF.

NB: At least one CF staff member will be a member of each group.

3) The geography of Capital Football will be split into six areas & those on the advisory groups will be representative of the clubs within such.

4) If there are more nominees than positions each club will only be allowed one representative on each advisory group e.g. If Stop Out is representing Central/Southern Hutt Valley on the Senior Men’s advisory group another club member can’t be on the Junior Boys &/or Women’s/Girls.

5) The six areas as decided by the CF Board are;

  • Horowhenua-Kapiti
  • North Wellington (Tawa/Porirua/Mana)
  • West Wellington (Karori/Onslow/Johnsonville)
  • South-East Wellington (South & East of Mt.Victoria tunnel)
  • Northern Hutt Valley (Naenae north)
  • Central/Southern Hutt Valley (Fraser Park – Petone)

NB: Wairarapa will continue to be managed centrally & by those in the Wairarapa.

6) Nominations will be called from member clubs from 8/6/12 & will close on 22/6, appointments will be made by 29/6. The Board of CF reserves the right to approach personnel who may not have been nominated by clubs. The advisory groups are appointed by the Board of CF & the initial term will be for one year. Please email all nominations to Richard Reid at

7) Each appointed member will be responsible for the area they are representing. It will be expected that between meetings they will meet &/or communicate fully with those clubs that they are responsible for so that they are up to speed with the views of the club they represent.

8) Each appointed member, whilst clearly a member of a club & where appropriate will put forward their own clubs opinion, are representative of others & will be expected to leave their “club hats @ the door”.

9) The agenda of each advisory group & associated timelines with regard to the work will be agreed between each advisory group & the CEO of CF, who will be an ex-officio member of each advisory group, & will be the link between the advisory groups & the CF Board.

The following topics have already been signed off by the Board of CF as the starting point for the advisory groups & are a priority for the 2013 season; they are not supposed to be the definitive list.

Club Football Senior Men’s

  • A re-write of playing rules & regulations for 2013; to be completed in DRAFT form, presented @ December CF Board meeting on 17/12/12 & sent to clubs pre-Xmas for their consideration.
  • The re-write to include splitting the current 18 grades into 3 distinct areas (1-6, 7-12, 13-18) with appropriate rules for each grouping of grades e.g. “serious”, “semi-serious”, “social”.
  • A definition of CF’s operation’s staff use of discretion e.g. what can be enacted without consultation.
  • Recommendations on misconduct (on & off field), judicial, what is a matter for CF & what is a matter to sort between clubs, etc.
  • How the number & agreed use of artificials will impact on the design of competitions.
  • NB: Many of these may be takedowns &/or localized versions of current NZF rules.

Club Football Junior Boys

  • A re-write of playing rules & regulations for 2013.
  • Recommendations on misconduct; on & off field.
  • Liaison with the sub-committee which will re-write the rules involving how clubs interact with schools; this will also involve College Sport.
  • A definition of CF’s operation’s staff use of discretion e.g. what can be enacted without consultation.
  • How the number & agreed use of artificials will impact on design of the competitions.

Club Football Women’s/Girls

  • A re-write of playing rules & regulations for 2013.
  • Recommendations on misconduct; on & off field.
  • Specific girl’s only competitions with regard to WOFP.
  • A definition of CF’s operations’s staff use of discretion e.g. what can be enacted without consultation.


  • Review CF current income model outside of NZF, NZCT, other gaming machine funders, income from clubs & recommend options.

Football Development

  • Compliance with WOFP.
  • Recommendations for representative fixtures.


  • Analyse the current status of the current Futsal model (draws, competitions, financial, representative, etc) & make recommendations to be in place for Term 1 2013.

10) The advisory group’s recommendations are not mandatory for the Board of CF to enact albeit it is expected that the majority of recommendations would be approved.

11) Advisory group recommendations, to the Board of CF, will be presented to the Board by each advisory group (written &/or oral) so that there is no misunderstanding in the messaging.
Yours truly
CEO Capital Football

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