Dural Sport and Leisure Summer Futsal (NSW)

Dural Sport & Leisure Centre

Our 2012 summer season for Futsal will start 3rd September 2012. Building on our hugely successful 2011 season we anticipate over 235 teams.

It will run for 20 weeks till March 2013, excl Christmas holidays.

Competitions for girls, boys, ladies, men & mixed.

All games played at our Centre.

Girls, juniors play 30min games. Comps for 11/12yrs, 13/14yrs. Older girls then move to Ladies, graded comps Div 1-3

Boys, 11yrs & under play 30min games

Boys, 12yrs – 18yrs are offered a choice between two playing formats:

  • Division 1 – more competitive, 45 min games on larger (+33%), international standard, courts
  • Division 2 – 30 min games

All Age Ladies & Men also have a choice:

  • Division 1 – more competitive, 45 min games on the larger (+33%) courts
  • Division 2 – 30 min games
  • Mixed – 30min games

Proposed Days of Play

The following are the proposed days for play. Each day, sessions commenced at 4pm with the youngest age group. Senior divisions commenced 6.30pm.

  • Monday – Boys 6yrs & 7yrs, Girls 11yrs-14yrs, Ladies Div 1 & 2, Men Div 1&2, Mixed
  • Tuesday – Boys 11yrs, 12yrs, 16/17yrs, 18-20yrs, Ladies 2 & 3 (big court), Men Divs 1&2, Mixed
  • Wednesday – Boys 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs, Men Div 1 & Over 35?s
  • Thursday – 8yrs, 9yrs, 10yrs


Registrations are taken on a team basis. There are 5 players per team on court at any one time (incl goalie) but most teams register 6 or 7 players to allow for substitutes. Div 1 teams – 8 or 9 players is recommended.

Individuals may leave contact details at the Centre. Whilst every effort will be made to place all players in teams with vacancies, we cannot guarantee any positions. NB. Junior players (6yrs – 8yrs) are more often placed.


Players wear regular joggers (or indoor football shoes) with shin pads and long football-style socks completely covering the pads. Uniforms are mandatory but may simply be matching t-shirts and shorts if you do not have a club uniform. However, shirts must be numbered. Each team should also maintain a contrasting shirt for use by the team’s goalkeeper.


Fees are twofold:

Registration & insurance, per player, due when registering. Valid for 12 months till end August 2013 & covers both our summer 2012 and winter 2013 Futsal competitions.

Game fees, per team, due when registering or prior to play in Week 2. Click on the following link to view current Rates for Registration and Game Fees Futsal Rates-Summer 2012

Registrations can be processed online or at the Centre. Game fees are to be paid at the Centre only.

More Information?

For further information please call Dural Sport & Leisure Centre on 9651-2777 or email Sports Co-ordinator, Julie Chivers on jchivers@dslc.com.au

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