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Its great to see state futsal leagues thriving across the continent even during the winter, you just have to read articles on F4A on the WA State Futsal league, the V-League, the NZ league to start soon followed by the NSWPL starting soon, and social leagues in TAS & SA are in full flight with the state rep players participating. Long may it continue and hopefully leagues can get stronger, last for longer and lead to eventual pathways like spots in the F-League and inter-club rivalries across state borders.

The AFC technical report was quite funny, the translation made for some interesting English and stats, Good to know they were impressed with the ‘amateur’ Aussies though given that some of the Asian national mens teams need work!

Great work to Mr Brackenrig for his filming of the F-League, the highlights make great viewing and are nicely collated. The sport is fortunate to have him and everybody else that volunteer their time and video tape and upload futsal content for us to share and enjoy.

Rob Varela has stamped his authority on the national futsal scene. His dural warriors are flying high and making a splash, he has to be the favourite for national team coach if Steven Knight is to step down or move on to greener pastures. Dural clearly are the best futsal club in Australia at the moment.

F-League Series Two

Exciting to see the second round of national futsal so soon after the first, really a good showing of where futsal is at in Australia. Lets hope that the organisers can bring down the $5000 entry fee to make it viable for more clubs to be able to enter and afford the journey longer sustainably. Heres a quick review of the teams situations:

Dural – The team to beat, with six games played and six wins to their name Dural are on fire. It’s theirs to lose now. A strong victory over Parramatta on day one followed up by a convincing win over Melbourne Heart set the tone for an impressive weekend. However it was the win over the impressive Vic Vipers that really set them apart from the rest in an absolute cracker jack of a game. The flattering 4-3 scoreline was down to some fantastic goalkeeping from the Vipers No.1. With no other real strong Futsal Clubs taking part other than the Vipers who can stop Dural now?

Vipers – Had a rough second series dropping points to St Albans & Dural allowed their title rival to break clear at the top. They are only one point ahead of the flying Boomerangs and may need a player or two to bolster the stocks. The Vipers are head and shoulders above the other victorian clubs and are every chance at pushing Dural all the way. Vipers will be there or thereabouts, they play some sound futsal and are tactically adept to different confronting situations during their games.

Boomerangs – Had a fantastic series two winning 3 from 3, Daniel Fulton downing the Heat and easy victories over St Albans & the Jaguars saw the Canberra outfit fly up to 3rd ahead of the third series which they will host. A real dark horse that have bounced back strongly. The potential is there for a top three finish but the wheels could fall off very quickly given their poor showing in the inaugural F-League & Series One efforts. Where will Angelos men finish? Only time will tell…

Parramatta – Its midtable mediocrity for the Blues, 3 wins and 3 losses sees them sitting in 4th, which is fair given their performances. A big loss to Dural was rectified with victories over Heat & the Jaguars. They have the ability to be giantkillers but hard to see them finishing in the top two. Will be interesting to see how they go in the remaining three series with a squad boasting Wright & Ngulafe. Played some good futsal but just not good enough against the Dural machine. Be interesting to see how they go in the next series.

St Albans – Hot and cold St Albans had a shocking series two that started with a shock loss to the Jaguars. ┬áThat was followed by a 9-0 thumping from the Boomerangs and a hard-fought 1-1 draw with the Vipers was all the southerners would leave NSW with. St Albans looked lost at times, without any real structure and a combination of short & long passing with a lot of their game based on individual talent and hope. With no finals in this years edition it will take a miracle for St Albans to win it from here. They may have to settle for a 3rd or 4th placed finish if they can lift in the remaining series.

Heat – Rang in the changes for Series 2 which was always going to be the case, but thats all that changed as the F-League favourites capitulated for the 2nd series in a row, at home. They played well in the opener and were unlucky to lose with two clumsy fouls and two Fulton free kicks that punished Spathis and made the difference in the end. A crunching 7-2 pounding from Parramatta didn’t help their cause and a consolidating win over Melbourne Heart was the only thing to be cheery about. The heat looked slightly less disjointed than in series one but really struggled all over the court individually and structurally.

Jaguars – A shock win sees them climb above Melbourne Heart into 7th. But it was back to losing ways against Boomerangs and Parramatta. Out of their depth and a real shame that they had to be thrown in with Maccabi pulling out. Be interesting to see if they survive the remaining three series financially and player wise. They are nothing more than a competitive social futsal team but nowhere near the standard for a Futsal National League.

Heart – 0 wins and 6 losses for a reason, the slapdash outfit have struggled to make any waves in the futsal world. Finger pointing at bad luck & lack of training are feeble excuses for a side that have a financial advantage over rival futsal clubs. There has to be better futsal players than those pulling on the red and white. They have no idea tactically and structurally at all. It looks like they’re playing futsal for the first time and are in the same boat as the Jaguars. It was a tough fixture for the Heart with losses to Dural, Vipers & Heat. Really expected more from this side, hope to see the club maintain their involvement in futsal and encourage other A-league clubs to do the same but perhaps they should adopt genuine futsal clubs that have better set ups.

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  1. Are Dural the best futsal club? Agreed their men are good and probably setting the standard at the moment but did the club win the Premier League Club Championship? Did they win any other age groups other than the men? No. Allstars won the Club Championship and Quake won 4 titles – including beating the highly fancied Dural Youth Men in the Grand Final. Just because these 2 clubs choose not to enter the F-League doesn’t make Dural the best club by default. Dural have always promoted the game and are always trying to improve the standard of futsal in this country but until ALL their teams are playing to a higher level they cannot be considered the best club. And please don’t take this as a shot at Dural. It’s just that your assertion can’t be supported by facts.

  2. At Mens level they are clearly the best Futsal Club. By Quake and ALlStars not entering the F League shows that they are not as organised, financed, etc as Dural. These are some of the criteria that are used to justify the best club.

  3. So by that reckoning all the clubs that are in the F-League are some of the best clubs? Clubs that don’t even exist outside of the F-league like Parramatta Blues, East Coast and Heart. There are reasons clubs chose not enter the F-League. Most prefer to concentrate their limited resources (and every club has limited resources) on improving all their players rather than play in a tournament that gives them little to no return for their time and energy.

  4. “play in a tournament that gives them little to no return for their time and energy”

    Not sure what you think other state based comps provide over and above the F-League?

    But this is what the F-League provides:

    1. A high standard competition for Futslroos to play in during winter in a lead up to the World Cup
    2. Opportunity for leading players from multiple states to compete against each other and push their chances for Futsalroo selection
    3. All games are video tapes and todate there have been over 7000 views on Youtube
    4. Opportunity to play International stop clock. For many players this is a first
    5. Opportunity to have a few weekends away interstate following your passion
    6. A league that breaks away from the petty rivalries and infighting that plagues the NSW Premier League

  5. Again, just thinking about the men. It’s not all about the men. PL Clubs have to think about 10 teams with players ranging in age from 10 up to open age. So the men get to play but that means there is even less money that could be used to develop the game and it’s younger players. And we’re happy with that? My point was that you cannot judge a club by it’s men’s team only. You need to look at the big picture. Clubs must find and encourage talent, nuture it, give it opportunities to develop so that one day their juniors can play for the Open teams and vie for representative selection. Or should we just cobble teams together whenever it suits us and hope the kids make it on their own? Clubs do not exist just for their men’s teams – at least good clubs don’t.

    And please, I watched the last round of the F-League. High standard? I can easily name 4 or 5 NSWPL Youth sides that could finish in the top 4 and at least 2 16 Boys side that would win more games than they’d lose. Futsalrant even admitted one of the clubs was just a social side out of it’s depth.

    If you want a top flight league make it worthwhile for clubs to enter. Why is it we’ve always got to pay to play our futsal/football at an elite level? If the FFA is geniune in backing the sport they must throw some money at it. It’s not like they haven’t got enough money from us from every level for years and years.

    But my original post wasn’t about the F-League. It was about the claim that Dural is the best club. They’re very good, they have a passion for the game, they develop talent, they’re well resourced and do spend big dollars (compared to other clubs) but just because their Men’s team is crushing the F-League doesn’t make them the best club.

  6. For sure a Futsal Club is much more than the Mens. But if the sport is to progress at the elite level you have to start with an elite mens comp.

    The Youth age group in the NSW Premier League is extraordinarily strong. You could easily make 3 NSW Thunder teams from it.

    But to say anyone of the top 4-5 Youth teams would end up in the top 4 and dislodge senior teams carrying 2,3 sometimes 4 Futsalroos is a big call.

  7. Big maarn you raise some interesting points and opinion. I still think you can manage your club and afford to send a men’s team to F-League even though the $5000 is rediculously expensive.

    What bigger reward is there then playing against teams from other states, during the winter, different and seperate to nationals?

    Its a shame Quake & Inner West are not in the F-League. Do there players play outdoor? If they could afford to send there teams to compete, would they be able to field strong teams anyway?

    I think sending your team to leagues like the f-league gives the youngsters something to look forward to even if the f-league isn’t quite there in terms of quality & strength of teams.

  8. Thank you for the compliments Rant, but I have to disagree with on a few points: Having a Men’s team that is leading the FLeague does not make us the best club but it has created a lot of interest in our Junior players as they see what they can aspire to as they get older; also I think you over estimate my contribution to the team’s performance, it is the players who pass, shoot and defend, all I do is make sure we have 5 on the court at any time and we are kicking the right way.

  9. Can somebody tell me where the draw for the Canberra edition of the F league is please?

  10. Thanks, I appreciate your help.
    I thought it may have been on the Football NSW website and perhaps a little easier to find.
    Perhaps that is a suggestion that could be taken up by Football NSW Futsal department?

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