Who is this guy? (VIC)

Melbourne Heart

Konrad Machoy, only 17 years old has scored in every game in series 3. An impressive performance as well as being the highest goal scorer for the club with 7 goals to date.

Konrad first played Futsal for his school where he was selected to join a school boys competition held in Sydney when he was 13 years old. It was here that his skills came to light scoring in the hardest games against players twice his size. He then made the Victorian youth team when he was only 15 years old. Here, he won over his team mates scoring most of the goals and setting up all the rest of the goals except for 2. He has been a member of Victorian teams ever since.

In series 2 held in Sydney, he impressed many on lookers who asked; “who is this young guy?” During this past  weekend in Series 3 of the F-League, Konrad put in very impressive performances. In the words of Damian Briggs from Football NSW, (paraphrased) “who is this guy, he just keeps scoring. You don’t really notice him as he doesn’t talk back to refs and we don’t hear much from him, but he just keeps scoring. Players like that are hard to come by.”

We know what he is capable of and we love him for it.

Konrad Machoy

Konrad Machoy

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