East Coast Heat FC & Australian Futsalroos Visit Earlwood Wanderers FC (NSW) – Updated

Earlwood Wanderers FC Media Release

East Coast Heat Futsal Club made their inaugural community appearance with the Earlwood Wanderers FC Under 8 Division 6 (Outdoor) Team from the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association (Inner West, Sydney Australia)

Many Australian National Team Futsalroos are part of the East Coast Heat Futsal Club (National F-League), including current Futsalroos, Peter Spathis (Australian goalkeeper, NSW), Andreas Gomez (NSW), Renagi Ingram (Qld) and Chris Zebellos (NSW) trained with Johnny Warren’s former Club, the Earlwood Wanderers Football Club Under 8 Division 6 Team at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on Monday 13 August 2012 from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

East Coast Heat FC Team Coach, Jamie Amendolia introduced Peter Spathis and other team members including Chris Zebellos, Andreas Gomez, Renagi Ingram, Roberto Maiarana, Aaron Cimitile, Chris Hanly, Marino Musumeci to the mixed beginner team of the Earlwood Wanderers FC Under 8/6s, made up of six boys and five girls who normally play outdoor but tonight they were about to get professional insights on futsal or indoor soccer.

Amendolia with the help of East Coast Heat FC players, made sure the Earlwood Wanderers FC Under 8/6s, also known as “The Blackhawks” were ready to meet the challenge of training with a number of Futsalroos and State Futsal representatives through a series of ladder drills, passing and shooting and eventually running a half-court exercise where the East Coast Heat FC players attempted to shoot at the running Under 8/6s.

After a half hour of intensive drills and skills, East Coast Heat FC were ready to play in a social match against the Earlwood players which was an entertaining encounter with many fun and not so fun plays off the ball. On a number of occasions, the Goalkeeper Spathis was caught with a multitude of players shooting for his goal zone.

A number of the kids, also enjoyed personal training with Australian goalkeeper Peter Spathis, including Jorgen Missiakos and Peter Andoniopoulos who thought the speed and skill of futsal “was awesome”.

After an hour of activity, Amendolia had a penalty shoot-off between the East Coast Heat FC and the Earlwood Wanderers FC and every goal scored by the youngsters requiring a victory celebration which certainly brought out some bizarre celebratory rituals. In the end, all the players gathered for a team photo and East Coast Heat FC provided a special futsal ball as a generous gift to each youngster.

“It was a great night to mix with grassroots players who have not had the opportunity to play futsal (indoor soccer) before as it was our first community appearance” stated East Coast Heat FC Coach, Jamie Amendolia.

Note the footage below is best view in full HD. Click through to view it on Youtube in full detail.

About East Coast Heat Fustal Club

The 2012 F-league series has welcomed a new club into the Australian Futsal community, East Coast Heat F.C. This newly formed club is excited about the future and plans to make itself a prominent name on the futsal scene. From its outset, the club plans to be unique and has devised a strategy that it hopes will capture the broader futsal community, this being evident in the naming of the club.

The club is the idea of two individuals, NSW Thunder Coach Jamie Amendolia and Futsalroo Peter Spathis. The club was formed to give players who truly love futsal the opportunity to play in a competition they believe could be the start of something special in the sport. Both Jamie and Peter have travelled the world playing and coaching and are eager to be part of the driving force that is trying to create a national league in the years to come.

The club has no affiliation with any specific clubs. The plan is to capture the hearts of the whole futsal community along the East Coast that love the game and have no club to support in the F-League. Whether it be NSW, ACT, VIC or QLD the club would like to embrace everyone into it’s supporter base.




About the Australian Futsalroos (National Futsal Team)

The Futsalroos have qualified for the FIFA 2012 World Cup to be held in Thailand. Many East Coast Heat FC players are members of the Australian Futsalroos, including Spathis, Caro and Zebellos



About Earlwood Wanderers FC

The Earlwood Wanderers Football Club established in 1946 and today has over 700 registered players. The Club is located within Sydney’s Inner West has been the Club that a number of Australian football icons have started their football careers, including Johnny Warren, Johnny Watkiss, John Doyle and Peter Raskopoulos.

The Earlwood Wanderers FC Under 8/6s are mixed development team of beginners made up of six boys and five girls playing in the Inner West based Canterbury District Soccer Football Association.


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  1. Well done guys, it is great to see and hear about you guys promoting Futsal in the community and giving up your time for the kids you should be applauded.

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