New sporting courts for Docklands (VIC)

Docklands News

The City of Melbourne has accepted tenders to construct the synthetic-surfaced courts and expects construction to start shortly.

The existing bocce court will be removed to make way for the new facility which will be floodlit with four light towers to allow night-time competition.

The tender documents call for the futsal goal posts to be lightweight, lockable and easily removable. Two sets of netball and basketball goals with removalable rings were called for. Futsal is an indoor form of soccer.

The plans also show new shade trees and seating around the courts.  Fences are to be provided behind the goals.

The courts will take up the area between Harbour Esplanade and Waterview Walk as far away from the Hub as the IOU sculpture.

The council says the courts are semi-permanent.  The council leases the site from Places Victoria which is reserving its right to develop the site in the future.

Known at the Community, Learning and Education Centre (CLEC) site, the area is difficult to develop because it contains the West Melbourne gas regulator station field.

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