Anthony Ramzy to train with National Team (VIC)

Cobras Futsal

Anthony Ramzy (pictured below) has been selected by Australia’s National Futsal Coach Stephen Knight, to join the National team for training this Sunday night. This is a very special honour and we are delighted that a great talent from Melbourne Heart has been spotted.

Anthony Ramzy played for Cobras Futsal Club in the first year of the Melbourne Futsal League where his solo 5 goals in the first half of the Grandfinal against St Albans sent the game into extra time. Regrettably Cobras were to come runners up by a single goal but Anthony showed then that he was a very special player. After a while away from the game, he rejoined us this year making an impact on the game. As he likes to point out, he has the highest goals scored for time on the pitch for the entire team.

Melbourne Heart has finished off the F-League on several positive notes. Although finishing in 7th place, the goal difference was the 5th best and goals scored against was 4th best and was only 6 goals from being 4th best. MHFC was also one of only a few teams never to have been defeated by a large amount which can happen quite easily in Futsal. MHFC was one of three teams that was put together for F-League and also one of two teams not to have a player who has represented Australia. Not bad for our first year.

We begin our campaign for 2013 straight away.

Anthony Ramzy

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  1. Well done to Anthony and good luck, well deserved, had a great f-league.

    Hopefully he was more then a novelty selection to appease the angry southerners at being ignored.

    The general feel from several emails is that some of the VICS will never get a look at while Steven Knight is at the helm including Miguel Barrios, Adam Cooper, Jon Barrientos, Brenno Polatti, Resit Culculoglu, Maxim Avram, Mirza Pedic & Dianoosh Rasoulzadeh.

    Time will tell but surely the NZ tour would’ve been a good opportunity to look at some of these potential representatives.

  2. Also worth noting, for all the positive spin, Heart were pretty ordinary. Wonder what the football department thought about the investment, surely money that could’ve been spent better.

    Finishing 7th, with all the time and preparation heart had is practically a last place finish because jaguars were a late entry and had 0 funding or support like What are you doing tomorrow!! That is the question lolheart did. And you only beat jaguars by one point! Not to mention they were practically your only wins.

    St Albans finished higher with a tighter budget and few luxuries compared to Heart.

    Heart was one of the few teams not to lose by a big margin which can happen easily in futsal! Is that a joke, because that’s side splitting.

    The goal difference stats were a joke as well, you kicked one more goal then st Albans and jaguars. Big deal, 3 wins and a draw, 7th out of 8, heart should be looking at an inquiry as to why the team performed like it did and what measures would be put in place to make things a hell of a lot better.

    Hopefully Heart believe the spin, because futsal rant
    Isn’t a fan of the feel good fannying!

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