Campbelltown City Quake Team Profile (NSW)

Campbelltown City Quake

14 Boys – Proudly Sponsored by Capital Steel Buildings Southwest

Editor: Jimmy, you’re back again coaching the 14 Boys this year. Watching the trials and the boys at training they look promising. What do you hope to achieve this year?

Jimmy: Boomer and I have picked a very talented squad. Each lad has individual talent but what the sqaud doesn’t have is experience. From the 11 boys picked in the squad only 3 return from last year.

My aim is to get the boys playing together as one, in a fluent manner, making sure that every player knows their role and carries it out with diligence To be a successful team you must hard work for each other and if we do there is only one goal for the season and that is to be the best. If we play to the best of our ability, incorporate our tactics, work ethic and individual brilliance then our only goal must be to finish on top.

Editor: You lost to the undefeated Premiers in the Grand Final in a close contest last year. No shame in that-it was a great effort. Can this squad go one better?

Jimmy: Yes, we certainly have unfinished business! As long as the boys are committed at training, listen, learn and work hard then there is no reason we can’t win the Grand Final this year.

Editor: Tell us a little bit about the boys. Any players we should be looking out for?

Jimmy: As mentioned previously, this squad of boys is very inexperienced. It takes time to transition between outdoor and futsal, especially never having played futsal before. However, the desire of the new boys to learn, adapt and implement the things being learnt at training has given me huge confidence with respect to just how quickly success can come to this team.

Let me tell you a little bit about the boys:

Anthony- Big,fit and strong and really knows where the goals are. Look for Anthony to hit double figures this year and who know’s, maybe even be the Club’s Golden Boot.

Liam – He is tall, strong on the ball, has a great touch, reads the game, tackles hard, scores goals and can breakdown play like no other player his age. I am sure his team mates will agree he is certainly better to play with than against. Should have a great season as the leader of this team.

Nugget – Has had a busy off season growing and has had his best pre-season yet. This kid understands and knows the game inside out, now he finally has the physical attributes to match his smarts he will be an unstoppable force this season.

Harry – Our newest recruit for the team and our leading man in between the sticks. Harry previously has only been a part -time keeper and has jumped into a role that has been filled by many accomplished keepers before him. However, his performance at the weekend against Majik was inspiring, without him at the weekend we would have conceded a lot more. Harry has all the tools to be a phenomenal keeper, he is tall, agile, fearless and a good, fast learner. I am sure with some hard training and a bit more experience he will be the rock in the heart of our defence this season.

Lachlan – new to the game of futsal, a very strong, tough tackling, determined young man who is never too scared to ask questions. His progress of the pre-season has been very promising and I am expecting big things from Lachie this year.

Joe – another newbie to the game! Joe’s silky quick feet will be enough to make any defender dizzy. Once he learns and understands how to play the game he will be an absolute asset to the squad and vital in creating chances.

Dalibor – has an amazing understanding of how the game needs to be played. He has great dribbling ability, smart with possession and a real eye for goal. Big goal tally to come from Dalibor this season.

Khit – This kid is a natural athlete. He is big, fast, strong and has an amazing touch to boot. Once Khit understands the game and becomes cohesive with his team mates, he will be a real game changer.

Seba – coming off an amazing performance against Majik, this kid has all the tools to be a phenomenal player. Once he gets his touch, uses the soul of his foot and understands where to be and why, Seba will be one to watch this season.

Danny – back in the Purple and Orange after a season away from the game, Danny is back and judging from the weekend, back with a vengeance. Against Majik, he was our enforcer at the back, anything that moved he tackled. Many more commanding performances to come from him this season.

Luke – has come to us from our rivals Dural. A very skilful, flamboyant target with a real eye for goal. Once Luke understands when and where to use his silky skills and where the back post is he will certainly make his mark on this team and be a handful for opposition pivots to deal with. A big season in front of goal to come from Luke.

All in all we have a very good mix of goalscorers, creators and hardnosed, no prisoner defenders. I am looking to the older boys to really lead and encourage the younger boys and help them with their development this season. Once we start working as a unit, we will be a very tough side to beat.

Editor: Finally, we ask our supporters to get to all the games if they can. Why should they make an effort to watch your boys play? What will make them want to watch the boys every game?

Jimmy: Futsal is an enjoyable, end to end, free flowing game to watch. I aim to get the boys playing fast paced, high intensity futsal, whilst creating lots of goal scoring opportunities. So if you keen to see a non-stop, action packed game with lots of goals, then we are certainly the ones to come and watch.

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