State team trial registration is now open (VIC)

Football Fed Vic

Logo - Football Federation Victoria (FFV) FutsalTrials for the FFV Futsal State teams that will be competing in the 2103 FFA National Futsal Championships will commence on 13 October 2012.

The online registration form is now available for players to register to trial.

Registration closes Sunday 7 October.

Click here to register online.

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  1. Confirmed on fb for the men’s Jack Dugonjic and Mark Georgson.

    Be interesting to see if Vidic gave it up or was sacked after getting the Vic’s to there only grand final and losing on penalties 2 nationals ago.

    Interesting selections, Jack was involved with bottom of the f league jaguars and Mark is involved with bayside futsal.

    From an email futsal rant received
    many moons these two men were working on a Joma
    Team that fell through, offering players phony contracts. They are both involved in the futsal committee, community and coordination in VIC.

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