WA State Futsal League 2012 Winter Season Champions

WA State Futsal League

The Winning Fremantle Muita Calma squad

The SFL Winter season Grand final began with a sensational 3rd and 4th playoff game. The crowd, along with the Brazilian band and DJ, added an atmosphere that has never been seen before, here in WA. Futsal had arrived and to showcase this were the two most talented Futsal teams in the State. Fremantle Muita Calma vs Scarborough Samba Boys

The scoring was opened by Scarborough’s leading goal scorer, Victor Brauner, the player that has brought with him the International knowledge of the game, having played professional Futsal in Italy. His ability to control the game and score as many goals as he does is only one reason why people need to take time out to watch this master in action. The talent of support for this player was in abundance and after getting the first goal, many thought that they were about to witness what could be the performance of a new SFL Super team.

This was always going to be difficult for Scarborough when you have players, such as Tiago Fracasso and Nestor Fonseca who can win a game all on their own. Add to that, the likes of Saeed Danesh and Daniel ‘D10’ Cappellaro, all captained by Luke Tidy, things will not be easy. The Scarborough goal seemed to spark Fremantle into life as they went on to score 3 unanswered goals and open up a comfortable lead.

4-2 at one stage and the band got louder as they thought a come back was on the cards. Unfortunately a full strength Fremantle Muita Calma side was just too much for the Samba boys as they eventually went down 6-2, with goals from D10 and Nestor Fonseca, to finish things off.

This was the first Grand Final that had many thinking that Muita Calma’s reign on WA Futsal would come to an end. The Scaborough Samba Boys have built a Futsal club which has proven to be one of the strongest in WA. The potential was always there, but now that they have started to realise this, it is only a matter of time before we see them start to load up the club trophy cabinet. Team captain, Marcio Mendes has sworn that his team will return for the October season, bigger, better and stronger. They will keep building on their team, that will some day soon take out the SFL title and never let it go. A loyal Futsal club with a great mentality towards Futsal and what has been developed by the SFL.

Fremantle Muita Calma 6 defeated Scaborough Samba Boys 2


Samba Boys – Victor Brauner 1, Thiago Vieira 1

Muita Calma – Tiago Fracasso 2, Nestor Fonseca 2, Daniel Cappellaro 2

To nominate your team or trial for a club for the October SFL Challenge Cup email: ea9inthegame@hotmail.com

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