Fremantle Muita Calma and the SFL’s Impact on Futsal In WA

WA State Futsal League

Fremantle Muita Calma are without a doubt the most successful Futsal Club in Western Australia, being the only Club to win the SFL 3 times. As the WA State Futsal League continues to grow and lead the State in the development of Futsal, 2012 has seen a record increase in competitions and clubs from many different organisations, all thanks to the SFL, whether they choose to admit it or not. Whether the growth comes from the SFL, Vikings or Football West is not a concern, so long as opportunities are made available to all the players involved along with their development within the sport.

Fremantle Muita Calma players with SFL President, El Abrahams and SFL travelling Physiotherapist, Fred Vanin in their Pele sponsored tee shirts.

The SFL is not in competition with any other organisation and has openly offered it’s assistance to any other association and it’s players. Brian Watkins is assisting Vikings Futsal with the coaching of the Vikings WA State team and the National side (who recently won the Pacific Cup in the USA). El Abrahams assisted with the coaching and training of JJ United (now the Perth Lions) who no longer compete in the SFL but run their own competitions amongst themselves. The Football West Futsal League South is now being run by Eldon Abrahams for Football West to ensure that the governing body of Football in WA is involved and a team will be sent to the FFA Futsal Nationals in January. Brian Watkins will coach the WA side going to the Vikings Nationals, Raffaele Capasso, who coached the Fremantle Muita Calma winning side in Cairns as well as the SFL 5 team that came runners up in Melbourne has applied for the WA Football West Futsal coaching position. An appointment for the position has yet to be made. We offer all this so that WA will be well represented in as many Futsal events as possible, to ensure the growth of the sport.

Other tournaments and tours available through the SFL will include a trip to Malaysia, Japan, Spain and the UK all in 2013. These will all be outside of the ones that we have already committed to. A return to Cairns, The FAFL Cup in Melbourne plus any other opportunities with Futsal Oz. The F League is also on the agenda, if given enough notice. The SFL is open to any Club or player of any standard with the intention of assisting in the development of Futsal.

On November 3rd, from 10.45am at Melville Recreation Centre, will be the SFL’s first venture into Junior Futsal development, with the SFL Futskillers which will be coached by Daniel ‘D10’ Cappallero (Fremantle Muita Calma) and Victor Brauner (Scarborough Samba Boys) and assisted by El Abrahams. The timing is very important as our very own Australian Futsalroos would have played their first game at the World Cup, Friday night vs Italy, and we hope to get many kids down on Saturday and educate them on the sport and have them support their national side for the rest of the tournament. The SFL Futskillers will play every Saturday before every State Futsal League game so that they can see the best Futsal players and clubs in WA compete against each other.

If any Futsal association, organisation, team, coach, referee or player would like any further information on how they could become involved or how they or we can assist each other in the development of Futsal please emailĀ info@statefutsalleague.com.au

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