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Rd1: SFL Challenge Cup – Champs Start With A Win

The WA State Futsal League returned for it’s 6th season of the SFL Challenge Cup, which traditionally runs from October to December and starts with a replay of the previous season.

The afternoon began with the mouth watering clash between the defending Champions, Fremantle Muita Calma, against the Hammond Park Stars. This year the difference was the same but the fans were treated to more goals as Fremantle took the game out, 5 goals to 3, with the main talking point being the 2 goals scored by former Hammond Park player Diego Garcia, which in the end, was the difference between the two teams.

Round 1 Result:

Fremantle Muita Calma 5 – Tiago Fracasso 2, Diego Garcia 2, Harry Ilosono 1


Hammond Park Stars 3 – Chihiro 2, Sasa 1

The next round will see a bye for the defending champs as they embark on their journey to Cairns to compete in the Cairns Futsal International Club Challenge, the prize for winning the 2011 SFL Challenge Cup.

Diego Garcia scores for Fremantle Muita Calma from the penalty spot

Rd1: SFL Challenge Cup – Scores Locked In Game Two

The second game of the day saw a great first time out for the F.C.L. Allstars, who led for most of the game until Spearwood’s all time leading scorer, Bojan Kovacic, made his presence felt by causing all sorts of trouble for the Allstars defence. An outright leading scorer after round one was expected to be Bojan from Spearwood, but the F.C.L. Allstars introduced the SFL to their own goalscoring machine in Andreas Bouzinekis, who ended the day with 4 great individual goals. A great game that went right down to the wire and could’ve gone either way, however a draw in the end was a fair result.

Round 1 Result:

Spearwood Red Star 6 – Bojan Kovacic 2, Dario 2, Sasa 2

Drew with

F.C.L. Allstars 6 – Andreas Bouzinekas 4, Daniel Nicevsky 1, John Kiernan 1

Return of Goalscoring sensation, Bojan Kovacic, for Spearwood Red Star.

Rd1: SFL Challenge Cup – Samba Boys Edge Out White Eagles

The third game of the day continued from where the last one finished off with an action packed match that once again could’ve gone either way. The winter season SFL runners up, Scarborough Samba Boys led for most of the game and many expected them to walk through this one. Rockingham, on the other hand, had other ideas and showed why they now deserve to be in the SFL as they traded Scarborough goal for goal until the final minutes. Another close game that ended with the Samba Boys taking out the match 5 goals to 4.

Rd 1 Result:

Scarborough Samba Boys 5 – Marcio Mendes 2, Daniel Santos 1, Victor Braunner 1, Felipe 1


Rockingham White Eagles 4 – Nemanja Jovanovic 2, Predrag Kuzet 1, Nemanja Veselinovic 1

Rockingham White Eagles welcomed to the SFL with a narrow defeat to the Scarborough Samba Boys

Rd1: SFL Challenge Cup – Good Start For South Fremantle MC

The trials at the start of the season have worked in South Fremantle’s favour as they had a squad of 11 players today for the first game of the season. The large squad caused some problems early on as the players struggled to find some sort of rhythm. Eventually the players began to work things out and come together, as a well structured FC Beffen side used their passing game to try and unsettle the South Fremantle side. In the end the strength of the large squad from South Fremantle muscled their way to a 4 – 2 victory. The stand out in the game was the new signing by South Fremantle. Goalkeeper, Glenn Sheldon, from Banjup NYG.

Rd1 Results:

South Fremantle MC 4 – Allan Armstrong 1, Vladimir Beretovac 1, Raowa 1, Daniel Muzzarelli 1


FC Beffen 2 – Jason Wilson 1, Oscar Pit 1

South Fremantle’s, Hayden Bryan, goes down in a hard fought win against FC Beffen

Rd2 Fixtures:

  • 11.30am Scarborough Samba Boys vs Hammond Park Stars
  • 12.20pm F.C.L. Allstars vs Rockingham White Eagles
  • 1.10pm Spearwood Red Star vs FC Beffen
  • Rescheduled: South Fremantle MC vs Fremantle Muita Calma

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