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Canberra FC kept their slim hopes of a top four finish in the Women’s Futsal Premier League alive with a strong 5-3 victory over Tuggeranong United on Wednesday night. All of Canberra’s goals came in the first half, which seemingly handed them an insurmountable lead, but Tuggeranong struck back in the second half with three goals, yet it wasn’t enough to bridge the enormous gap.

With only two wins between the sides, the sizable crowd on hand could have been excused for expecting a lacklustre contest, but Canberra FC were intent on doubling their win tally. It didn’t take long for Canberra to strike, with Nikola Orgill continuing her sparkling 2012 form, finding the back of the net from close range to give the Reds a one-goal advantage just minutes into the match.

The game was being played on Canberra’s terms, and it did not take long for the one goal lead to be extended to two, with Kirsty Babington netting her first of two opening half goals. Tuggeranong were struggling to get the ball forward of centre with any real purpose, and Canberra FC were exploiting all of their errors, with Babington and Orgill both finding the back of the net to push the lead out to four goals.

A late Jasmine Norton goal handed the Reds a five goal first half, which looked to be a match-winning lead, with Tuggeranong’s attack almost non-existent. It looked like more of the same at the beginning of the second half, with Canberra peppering the goals and dominating possession. Tuggeranong’s keeper Jocelyn Mara was forced into making several key saves that kept the Greens’ slim chances of a second half revival still alive.

The saves seemed to jolt Tuggeranong into action, with Shontelle Hellyer and Erika Pennyfield striking in quick succession to cut the margin to three goals, and when Goal Keeper Mara mirrored her heroics in front of her own goal with a long range effort, there was belief in the Tuggeranong camp that an unlikely comeback could be on the cards.

The time was the enemy of Tuggeranong, with every missed shot, turnover and Canberra possession denying the Greens a chance at getting back on level terms. Had it not been for some terrific saves from Canberra’s Goal Keeper, the scoreline could have become a lot closer. In the end the clock won out though, with Canberra FC holding in to record their second victory of the year and move into the top six.

Women’s Futsal Premier League
Boomerangs FS 1 (Michaela Day) Belconnen United 0
Kids FC 1 (Hayley Buckingham) Weston Creek El Diva 4 (Nicole Somi (2), Sabrina Spinapolice, Kim Crocker)
Canberra FC 0 Woden Valley 8 (Ashleigh Palombi (3), Brittany Palombi (3), Jaline Hoek, Erin Clout)
Brindabella Blues 1 (Lisa Ceely) Tuggeranong United 1 (Erika Pennyfield)


 Ashleigh PALOMBI (Woden Valley)
13 Brittany PALOMBI (Woden Valley)
10 Jaline HOEK (Woden Valley)
Nikola ORGILL (Canberra FC)
Claire MUNRO, Brittany SMALE (Belconnen United), Jasmine NORTON (Canberra FC), Erika PENNYFIELD (Tuggeranong United), Nicole SOMI (Weston Creek El Diva)
Becky ROCHE, Michaela DAY (Boomerangs FS), Kendall SMITH (Kids FC)
Rachel CRITTENDEN, Sarah CRITTENDEN (Boomerangs FS), Lisa CEELY (Brindabella Blues), Najwa ALLEN (Kids FC), Annica SCHOO (Tuggeranong United), Luisa MARZOTTO, Kim CROCKER, Sabrina SPINAPOLICE (Weston Creek El Diva)
Maja BLASCH, Jessica GOYNE, Jessica McEWAN (Boomerangs FS), Kate DAVOREN (Brindabella Blues), Rachael GOLDSTEIN, Dianne WILSON (Canberra FC), Hayley BUCKINGHAM (Kids FC)
Erica WEATHERLY (Belconnen United), Alice CHURCHILL, Kate WALKER (Kids FC), Anna BENNETT (Weston Creek El Diva)
Alyssa METHERELL (Brindabella Blues), Kirsty BABINGTON, Leanne POMPEANI (Canberra FC), Erin CLOUT, Rebecca WATTS (Woden Valley), Own GOALS
1 Rhianna GOLDSTEIN (Belconnen United), Michelle AUROUSSEAU, Amanda DRIES, Rebecca COLLINS (Boomerangs FS), Kate DAVOREN, Syke METHERELL, Tiahn RUKAVINA, Danielle WILSNER (Brindabella Blues), Mel LEARY (Canberra FC), Emma BEAUMONT, Vanessa BURDETT (Kids FC), Shontelle HELLYER, Kristy HELMERS, Jocelyn MARA, Tahlia STANLEY (Tuggeranong United), Natalie LACEY, Alison LOUND (Weston Creek El Diva), Stephanie COATES (Woden Valley)

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