Quake Fall To Magic (NSW)

Campbelltown City Quake

Quake suffered its’ worse day in Premier League on Saturday taking only 3 points from 3 draws against Magic. Having said that there were only 2 games that we weren’t a chance to draw or win the match so whilst the results were frustrating the effort was there.

Brief reports follow and don’t forget the mid-year review will be published on the website this Thursday.

Academy: Proudly Sponsored by Xtreme Locksmiths

The Academy concept really does need to be re-assessed if clubs are going to field teams consisting mainly of 12 year olds who weren’t good enough to make their 12 Boys teams. These games are supposed to be for development purposes for the younger kids. They are also meant to be non-competitive and the scores are not supposed to be recorded or displayed at the games. Considering the Magic side were clearly more physically advanced than our young squad the boys were terrific and competed extremely well in a very close game. Well done lads!

12 Boys: Proudly Sponsored by 40 Winks Campbelltown: Quake 1 (Steven Mai 1) def by Magic 6

After last week’s big win the boys came crashing back down to earth. They competed well in the initial stages but had trouble with Magic’s dominant player who scored 5 of their goals. These boys have the talent to turn things around and I’m sure they will get better results soon.

12 Girls: Proudly Sponsored by JR Electrical: Quake 0 def by Magic 2

The coaches all agreed this was the best 12 Girls game they had seen. It had everything: pace, skill, hunger, commitment and excitement. Quake were playing a team who had won all 6 games and fell behind to a sloppy goal from a long throw but didn’t at any stage give up. The girls had chances to equalise but just couldn’t get the goal they needed and then copped a second 3 minutes from time from a turnover. The Magic coach was full of praise for our girls saying they were the best team they’d played this year. Next time girls, next time.

14 Boys: Proudly Sponsored by Capital Steel Buildings Southwest: Quake 2 (Bradon Clissold, Anthony Haddad) drew with Magic 2

The boys looked gone for all money in this game going 2 goals down but fought back bravely to level the scores. The game was there for the taking but the lads just couldn’t get the winner. In the end Jimmy was happy with the draw and the boys’ courage.

14 Girls: Proudly Sponsored by Clintons Toyota: Quake 1 (Ash Norman) def by Magic 5

The girls only had 2 subs due to the 12 Girls being exhausted and injured from their game and unable to sit up. This may be the reason for another disjointed effort as it was hot and the girls struggled to stay in the game because of having to play more minutes than usual. Having said that they did have good chances but the wrong option was taken too often and the chances went begging.

16 Boys: Proudly Sponsored by Einhell Australia: Quake 2 (Anson Gilligan, Ben Rodriguez) def by Magic 4

A very disappointing effort from these lads. They fell behind and it appeared that some of the boys were taking it on themself to score to get the team back in the game when better options were open to them. In the end the score was a fair reflection of the game. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for the boys and they get back to playing the futsal we know they can.

16 Girls: Proudly Sponsored by Macarthur Marble & Granite: Quake 2 (Jemma Crane, Logan Garrard) drew with Magic 2

You wouldn’t think that a team that was 2 goals down could rue the one that got away. The girls dominated the match after conceding their 2nd goal and had plenty of chances to win it but couldn’t finish. When these girls play their game at their level they are unstoppable but for some reason they seem to play at the opposition’s level and make things hard for themselves. You’d still back them to win the title but they need to start dominating the comp like they should.

Youth Proudly Sponsored by A.H. Beard: Quake 2 (Bruno Antelmi, Shannon Fielding) drew with Magic 2

The boys fell behind twice and fought back strongly twice and in the end were finishing the better of the 2 teams. This is the lads 4th draw of the year and their resilience is remarkable. All they need is a bit more luck and they can turn the draws into wins. Solid efforts from Bruno and Andy well supported by the 16 Boys lads who stepped up.

Women: Proudly Sponsored by Bella Arts Graphic Design: Quake 1 (Logan Garrard) def by Magic 2

The girls fell behind to 2 unfortunate goals and just didn’t have the spark they normally have to get a draw or a win. It wasn’t that they didn’t try, it’s just that they were a little flat and lacked their normal zip. Steph Haim ran herself into the ground to try to get the result and even head butted the wall in her efforts but to no avail. The wall is OK with no real damage done.

Men: Proudly Sponsored by United Tools Liverpool: Quake 3 (Bruno Antelmi, Harley Da Silva, Mark Symington) def by Magic 4

How unlucky is this team? They work hard to stay in matches and just can’t get a result. With many players missing Simmo had to rely on Macka and little Symo to carry the workload and they were ably assisted by Harley, Josh, Scott and Borgy and the Youth and 16s lads. They fought back to 3-3 only to concede a poor goal straight from the kick-off. Still, the future is looking good with the 16 Boy’s Anson Gilligan making his Men’s debut whilst the Youth’s Andrew Haim played the last 10 minutes in goals with both acquitting themselves well.

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