FFV Futsal 500 Club launch dinner (VIC)


Football Federation Victoria have set-up a sponsorship program called the Futsal 500 Club.

The aim of this program is to generate funds to alleviate the costs for the senior players that have to pay to represent Victoria at the FFA National Futsal Championships.

This program will be launched at a fundraiser dinner on Tuesday at the Dalmatino restaurant in Port Melbourne.  Our special guest for the evening is the Futsalroo coach Steven Knight.

Details of the event are listed below.

Donations to the Futsal 500 club can be made online here and you can like Futsal 500 on Facebook here.

FFV Futsal 500 Club Launch Dinner
Date: Tuesday 4 December 2012
Venue: Dalmatino Restaurant, 280 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Time: 7pm for a 7.30pm commencement
Cost for the evening: $80 per person including a Three Course Dinner and matching wines. Spirits and other beverages are at the individual’s cost from the Bar.
Dress Code: Smart Casual
How to Pay: Directly contact Mark Georgeson (Chairman of the Futsal Standing Committee) with the number of seats required and he will advise you the payment options. All guests must prepay before the evening, as seats are limited.
Contact: markg60@sandarra.net.au or 0413 527 501

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  1. special guest for the evening is the Futsalroo coach Steven Knight.
    what on earth can knight say? oh man they are professionals we are amateurs we are shight they are good. blah blah blah
    Do us a favour and keep him there we’ll even through in his buddy rob.
    maybe they can join your futsal stand in committee there, were its said the president & vice president have appointed themselves head coach & assistant coach of the mens team for nationals.
    looking at the rest of the names listed in the committee they also have head coaching jobs at nationals in the junior teams.

    Football NSW – you can’t tell us victoria is doing it the best. wake up this is a joke.

  2. Hi Curious
    Unless your either played or coached at the level that these fine representatives have just represented their country,family and friends at then anything YOU say comes directly out of your arse and if you have represented and or competed at or on this stage then your record is on the FIFA,FIFUSA website as is mine.You sound like a bitter twisted individual who obviously hides behind your computer screen slagging anyone from your armchair. I have all our games on file maybe we can sit and discuss how you would have changed the outcome of each of our games.Im proud of the way we played – the only joke is you.

  3. Steve

    After our conversatiom 3 weekends ago this unfortunately is the kind of rubbish that will be said by idiots with no idea,we competed and did the best we could and as SBS highlighted after the Italy game we train maybe 2 times a week while they train 2 times a day, 6 days a week. Until we have a proper national or professional league we are always going to find it hard, my guess is FIFA and Football NSW need to get off their back sides and find some way of making this become a reality.
    Anyway job well done lets see how we go next time and if you are a true Australian you will support them win, lose or draw

  4. Keeping Steve Knight in Melbourne with plenty of futsal on the calender sounds pretty good to me :) he would be hot property, clubs would scrambling to have this man in their technical area.

  5. Knighty,

    Welcome to the top job my friend! There are people like Curious everywhere. They are very good at telling you that they could do a better job! Maybe they could but they never put themselves out there to even try because they are scared of failure! Don’t worry about these people! You, Rob and the boys should be proud of your efforts! Keep up the good work! You have the support of the people that know!


    Unfortunately Football NSW and most of the Australian Football fraternity still feel Futsal is a competitor and feel threatened by it’s obvious attractiveness. If you look at the leading Futsal countries, Brazil and Spain, you can see that Football has embraced Futsal as not only an enhancer to Football but as a sport in it’s own right where Futsal still retains its own identity. Hopefully before I die this may come to fruition in this country! I am not holding my breath!

  6. Well said gadget!

    Both Brazil & Spain have a dedicated body/federation that governs them which allows them to concentrate on all Futsal related matters & they also work closely with their outdoor body.

    Now thats not such a bad idea after all.

  7. To be successful in any endeavour takes time, patience and the resources to ensure you give yourself “the best shot” Unfortunately Knighty, Rob, Roger, Archie and the boys were never given that opportunity. Considering these facts we should all be proud of the players and the coaching staff who have essentially put all their jobs to one side in order to get a par time team to the world cup. I for one am proud of everyone involved, keep going Knighty and spread the word.

  8. Firstly it was a great achievement just qualifying for the Futsal World Cup. The Asian zone for the Futsal is much much harder than for the outdoor game. In the Asian zone we have the following countries/rankings:

    Iran #7
    Japan #9
    Thailand #16
    Uzbekistan #24
    Australian #28
    Kyrgzstan #37

    In comparison the Asian Zone for Outdoor is:
    Japan #14
    Korea #32
    Australia #33
    Iran #44
    Korea DPR #81

  9. there you go full of shight again steve. its is obvious your the amateur stop and look at what your writing. and this is the man to lead us to the next big tournament? grow up don’t talk tactics when it was obvious to the whole world you had none. give this man a dummy.

  10. Obviously you have given the coaching situation a lot of thought, so in your opinion who should be the coach, apart from yoursel?

  11. Man of Steel,

    Curious would be a Futsalroos Player/Coach…….dead set he’s that good….just ask him!!!

    He’s probably never played futsal outside of his local centre and he bases his coaching knowledge on how well he plays FIFA on his Playstation in the comfort of his own lounge room!

    I wouldn’t even bother responding to this idiot Knighty!

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