‘Vikings Futsal TV’ to host live broadcast of Senior Regional Titles

Australia Futsal Association

On December 8th,9th and 10th AFA will showcase Brisbane’s talent by broadcasting live footage from Acacia Ridge. The live stream will be hosted by Vikings Futsal TV to bring audiences all around the country live action straight from the tournament.

Futsal fanatics can access the channel by either following the URL at the bottom of this article or by scrolling down to the bottom of the AFA homepage and clicking the Vikings Futsal TV icon.

In addition to having a front row seat for the live tournament, viewers can re-watch recorded matches, leave comments, chat with other viewers, and re-post recorded footage.

AFA CEO, Alistair Miller is happy to announce the relaunch of Vikings Futsal TV and has great aspirations for the channels future,

“It is great to have Vikings Futsal TV live again; At the moment we plan to broadcast all national tournaments however, in the future we hope to also start streaming our affiliate’s international games for audiences to enjoy” Miller said.

VikingsFutsal TV is expected to broadcast the channels first live feed from Enoggeraon on Tuesday the 6th of December at 6.20pm. The stream will feature some of the regions up and coming junior talent.

To view broadcasts visit VikingsFutsal TV at- http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vikings-tv

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