Boomerangs vs Enfield Rovers (NSW)

Boomerangs F.S.

Logo - Boomerangs F.S. (PNG)This Saturday sees the Boomerang tribe roll on up the highway to the Morris Iemma Stadium in Riverwood to take on the Enfield Rovers.

Not only is this weekend critical for the aspirations of the teams still in the hunt for a finals spot, but it is also the club’s best opportunity to grab a heap of points from a club sitting on the same number of wins, not far above the Boomerangs on the Club Championship ladder.

The day will start with the battle of the 12s where it is even money as to which way victory will fall. The team that puts in will reap rewards. Let’s pencil one win from those two games.

The 14 Boys and Girls Boomerangs face the Enfield club’s weakest two teams who between them have not yet won a single game this season. Two wins to the Boomerangs.

The 16 Boys will have a battle royal on their hands against top of the table Enfield 16’s. Our boys though are in great touch – on a winning streak since their one point loss in round six – and will be difficult to knock off. The 16 Enfield Girls sit a win and two draws above the Boomerang girls. It will be close. Let’s lock in one win from the 16s.

The Youth Men and Open Men and Women are also very evenly matched with their Enfield counterparts. Our Youth and Men’s team must take home wins to stay in the finals hunt. Let’s lock in two wins from this bunch of three.

A quick recap predicts six wins from the day to the Boomerangs. And this really needs to be the minimum the club wants to take from the day. The final two rounds of the season are against tougher opposition, so this weekend needs to be the one to bring home the points so the club can increase it’s margin over the Sydney City Eagles (who who have a tough round against Inner West Magic).

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