FAFL Cup interview with Nichole Laws (VIC)

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SONY DSCFOz: Nichole you have played in NSW and most recently QLD, what do you think of the standard of Women’s Futsal in Australia?

NL: I think the standard is quite high, and every year it’s getting better and better, I think the NSW women’s premier league is one of the toughest competitions in Australia, you play week in week out against quality teams and players. I personally think the standard of women’s futsal in Australia is up there but there are two different organisations so the best players don’t always come up against the best at state level.

FOz: What are you most looking forward to about the WFAFL Cup?

NL: I’m looking forward to competing in a tournament that is purely based on women’s futsal and promoting the game and also to be playing against some of the best women’s futsal players in Australia.

FOz: How do you see Futsal currently in Australian, How important is it for a Women’s National team to be created so there is a development pathway similar to the men’s?

NL: I see futsal in Australia getting bigger but there is nowhere else for women’s players to go after they have represented their state, there are so many women’s players out there that are eager to represent their country and get the opportunities the men get. I think this tournament is a great way to promote women’s futsal and for people out there to see the quality players around Australia and that woman deserve the same opportunities as the men and a chance to get their name out there.

Women’s futsal needs some kind of development pathway or else all the talented players and young players coming through will turn to soccer as they have pathways from a young age and provide more opportunities for women. We need to keep the futsal talent, not lose it.

FOz: What can you tell us about Brisbane Futsal and how the club came about?

NL: We are just a team that’s come together for the WFAFL Cup, a bunch of girls that have a lot of passion for the game and jumped at the opportunity to play in a high quality tournament.

FOz: Who are the players in the Brisbane Futsal squad that fans should keep an eye out for during the WFAFL Cup?

NL: Natalie Mueller is a young, talented and skillful player that I think you should keep an eye out for alongside Nicola Eagle and Kate Lutkins who are both very strong and experienced futsal players that know the game well and have played at national level.

FOz: Who do you think will be the team to beat the 2013 WFAFL Cup?

NL: Every game will be challenging, but I think all the teams from the NSW futsal premier league will be very strong as these girls train and play weekly with each other and the talent in all of these teams is very high.

FOz: What is the biggest obstacle women’s futsal players face?

NL: I think there are a lot of things, but mainly not enough officials/committee members out there are backing women’s futsal in Australia and this can lead to a lack of funds passed through to support the women’s side of the game at club, state and national levels. The sport is still developing when at club and state level players are still paying their own way.

FOz: Whats one bit of advice you would offer junior girl Futsal players coming into the sport?

NL: Play as much futsal as you can, get all the coaching and experience you can to get the skills for the game.

Take opportunities if they fall at your feet and don’t let soccer coaches turn you off the sport if you love it continue to play it, don’t give up on your goals.

FOz: Thanks for your time and Good Luck in the 2013 WFAFL Cup?

NL: Thank you and good luck to all the women’s teams competing. Also a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes that have organised this tournament and made it possible. Nice to see that there are people out there that support women’s futsal.

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