FFA Memo regarding the Australian Futsal Association


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Football Australia Logo8 January 2013

By email


Dear Member Federation CEOs,

The Australian Futsal Association

On behalf of Football Federation of Australia (FFA), I advise that Australian Futsal Ltd of 1391 Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110 (AFA) t/as Australian Futsal Association is unaffiliated to Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and FFA.

As you may be aware, AFA is a commercial enterprise operating in Australia that runs its own futsal tournaments that are not sanctioned by FFA and organises, promotes and administers its own futsal teams that it designates as ‘National Teams’, which travel internationally to play under the AFA’s designation as an ‘Australian Teams’. These teams designated by AFA as ‘Australian Teams’ are not recognised as official Australian representative national teams by FIFA, AFC or FFA.

As you would be aware, FFA is the only Member Association in Australia recognised by and affiliated to FIFA and the AFC. As the recognised Association in Australia, FFA conducts the National Futsal Championships (NFC) in Australia involving over 1,000 registered futsal players. Only players registered with FFA, and playing in affiliated FFA associations and clubs, can represent their respective Member Federation at the NFC.

FFA also oversees a national men’s Futsal team (the Futsalroos) that competes in, amongst others, the AFC Asian Futsal Championships and FIFA futsal tournaments. The Futsalroos recently competed in the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Thailand.

Further, FFA administers a national futsal player pathway via its affiliated associations and sanctioned futsal competitions, including the Hummel F-League. Additionally, FFA provides futsal refereeing and coaching courses. For example, futsal competitions are encouraged to use appropriately qualified referees who have completed the FFA Level 1 Futsal refereeing course as a minimum. Only referees with these qualifications can officiate at FFA, AFC and FIFA events. No other ‘qualifications’ are recognised by FFA, AFC or FIFA. FFA’s futsal coach education programme includes the local delivery of AFC and FIFA courses and FFA’s Member Federations are the only bodies permitted to deliver these FFA accredited coaching courses. Currently, a Futsal Coaching certificate and Licence course (community pathway) is available to undertake and coaches may also apply to participate in a Level 1 or 2 AFC Futsal Coaching license (advanced pathway).

We request our Member Federations to advise their members that the futsal pathway provided by FFA and its affiliated associations is the only FIFA and AFC affiliated futsal pathway in Australia.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Yours sincerely

Matthew Bulkeley
Head of Game Development
Football Federation Australia
Tel: + 61 2 8020 4060
Fax: + 61 2 8020 4100
Email: Matthew.Bulkeley@footballaustralia.com.au

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  1. Couldn’t agree more Rob. Team harmony and balance is far more important than any one player or parent. It’s not just a matter of if the player is “technically gifted” he/she also has to be able to listen & learn, play to instructions and fit in with the personalities and culture of the remainder of the team, the officials and the club. I have also taken players who were not as “brilliant” as someone else because the “overall package” that their presence brings to the team far outways what I would get from selecting a gifted P.I.A.
    Every coach is different though, thats whats makes sport so great. If we gave you, Knighty, Gilly and Jamie a list of 100 players you might have the same 4-5 core players but chances are the rest of your squads would be different. Thats just the way life is.

    Charise : my suggestion would be to keep shopping around until you find a coach that you like and one that appreciates your sons style of play. As you said some coaches like big, robust players but there are plenty out there who value a smaller, technical, mobile style of play.

  2. Hi Rob,

    No haven’t been at your club or trialed there. I live too far away (northern beaches area).

    I did watch the 2011 Senior grand final (in which you were coaching). The final when the dark hair guy got slammed to the ground and got a bloody nose.

    I thought this was an outstanding match and your coaching tactics of taking off your goalie and replacing him with a fifth player was brilliant! That was a great match GG played really well. Outstanding.

    I do think you know your stuff and for the record I would be privledged for you to coach either my son or daughter!

    You are very passionate at times (comes across as arrogant – sorry just being honest) but a well intended and brilliant coach!

  3. Phil D, yes trying to do that. It’s difficult. You want knowledgable but not too abrupt and not some-one who is going to put your child off forever.

    I do know how damn hard it is to coach. It’s a non thankful job at times. I have coached netball and the same issues there.

  4. Charise, please enough is enough with your constant ramblings. Rob V, He is a good coach but he has these flaws. There are a number of good coaches out there all of which Im sure have a few flaws.
    R u the perfect parent ? Do you have any flaws ??? Have you ever made a mistake ? R ur kids the perfect players? Have they ever made a mistake whilst they are playing ???? Ramble, ramble ramble. Our National coach didnt call a time out in the first game when we were under the pump, does that make him a bad coach ? No but it shows he has a flaw….. So please save us reading your constant rambles.

  5. Charise:

    Phil D, yes trying to do that. It’s difficult. You want knowledgable but not too abrupt and not some-one who is going to put your child off forever.I do know how damn hard it is to coach. It’s a non thankful job at times. I have coached netball and the same issues there.

    I want a 6 foot brunette who you used to be an international model who is a brilliant cook but I have to settle for a 5ft 9 blonde who only does modelling in k mart commercials…. Its pretty damn hard living with any model but someone has to do it! The tough choices in life!!! But it hasnt put me off nor should nor perfect coaches put you off. They just dont exist!

  6. Offisde, you need to be fussy who you are allow your kids to be around. Especially young ladies who are sensitive.

    No need to be sarcastic. All of the parents i know with super talented kids are extremely fussy. It works. Those who settle for something they don’t want in a coach end up miserable and whinging all season.

    Perfect coaches do exist. They are usually :

    * Inspiring
    * Recognise each child’s talents individually
    * Recognise development is important as opposed to winning and uplifting their own egos
    * Recognise a loss if played well, is still a gain for the child’s development
    * Knowledgable and motivating

    Lastly, smart coaches know they will get their kids to perform well if they COMMAND (that is earn) respect and not demand it and shame children.

  7. offside:

    Charise, please enough is enough with your constant ramblings. Rob V, He is a good coach but he has these flaws.

    Rob V’s only detriment is his abrupt attitude at times. He is extremely knowledgable, knows the game inside out and is dam good. His attitude irritates me and it’s hard for younger kids to take it. No dening he is the absolute best (apart from Erkin O who is an absolute legend but also great with younger kids).

    I think the difference is Erkin is aware of development and Rob V passionately likes to win all the time!

  8. Erkin is a fantastic coach for some, but if you don’t play the way he wants you to. Then you have no chance. Even when your talent speaks for itself.

    1. Sorry Justchecking but are you for real !! Since when do players tell coaches how they are going to play.

      No coach wants a player that won’t listen to them or play to instructions, regardless of how talented that player, his family or friends thinks he is.

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