Futsal Player Database

Futsal in Australia

FUTSAL IN AUSTRALIA calls upon all of it’s community to help and contribute to the construction of a player database that lists all of the players across Australia who have played or are playing at a reasonable level of football that have come from a futsal background in both Mens and Ladies.

What we need

  1. Players Name
  2. State in which they played Futsal
  3. Highest outdoor achievements eg. National Team (Socceroos/Matildas/Joeys/Young Matildas etc), National League Club (NSL, A-league, W-league), Nationals/State Institute of Sport programs, Overseas clubs/Leagues.

We really need your help so please don’t be shy. Your contribution will go a very long way in the plans for the future development of this sport getting underway this year. 2013 – the year of possibilities!

Leave your contribution as a comment here on the Facebook page (or below if you have no Facebook access and we will pass the info through to them)

Below are the contributions as of 7/1/2013.


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