Futsal stars crack into Aussie market (Solomon Islands)

Solomon Star

Logo - Solomon StarAfter their outstanding performance in the Graig Foster Challenge in the Gold Coast during the weekend, three U16 futsal players have caught the eyes of a Melbourne Futsal club.

Team manager Thomas Kaloka told Star Sports when the team arrived yesterday; the club identified three players but refused to name them.

Kaloka said Melbourne/Victoria Club has consulted the team and the three players.

“The club indicated that those three players will only have to pay for their airfares whilst everything else will be taken care of by the club.”

He said the team will settle relevant matters and release the three players in April/March to ply their trade in Melbourne.

“I am so happy and proud of the boys in their performances so far, and would like to congratulate the three for the first breakthrough. They performed extremely well during the challenge and they deserve the offer.”

Kaloka said besides the interest, the Australian club also established a sister relationship with the team.

“This means there is a window for potential players to follow suit in the future.”

He said comparing this successful breakthrough with no proper facilities in the country, it was a big achievement.

“We have a future in futsal. If proper facilities can be established, the sport will grow to newer heights.”

The U16 team amidst flight complication arrived late to compete in their category and has been given to take a stab at the U 19 youth challenge.

They beat all five teams in the U19 category to lift the trophy and take it from the continental teams that participated, back to the Islands.

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