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  1. Phil Dolton

    Quake used to run these comps, now going to be run independently by the venue. Wonder if this is the flow on effect from Quake being forced to move their home ground for Premier League this season ??????

  2. Bigmaarn

    No. It’s a flow on effect of a deal struck with a 3rd party not being met. And the YMCA management now want to run their own comps.

  3. ronalso

    Interesting. Seems like the ymca and other governing bodies are moving into the domain of running social futsal as well.

  4. gadget

    We are now back in the 70’s where Futsal started in this country – in YMCA’s. It is no surprise that competitions will be conducted by independents as FNSW do not care about growing Futsal. I am sure they would be happy if it didn’t exist at all. However as the game is fun & exciting at all levels it will continue to march on! In 2004 there were 52 centres affiliated to NSW Futsal. Once FNSW took control centres have gradually pulled away as they get no support whatsoever! I would be very interested to see how many centres are still affiliated. Are the only player registrations now from PL & SL Clubs?

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