Scott Kidson 10th best Futsal Referee in the world!

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The futsal party goes on, and we’ve reached the third day of the Futsalplanet Awards, the most traditional prizes of futsal!

As we always say, there’s no game without referees, so that the third category of the AGLA Futsal Awards 2012 is dedicated to the priceless work of the black whistles, a basic part of the game.

The attention they deserve is increasing year after year in every remote corner of the futsal globe, as well as their knowledge and preparation through confederations and local FAs courses. This process have dramatically increased the level of their performances, and things are getting even better.

Let’s remind that in the current edition of the worldwide prizes we have re-introduced the voting system, in order to make the futsal community more and more involved. Every “voter” had the chance to indicate three preferences from the 10 nominees list, assigning respectively 5, 3 and 1 points to his choices.

We hope to make this futsal party bigger in the next editions, may futsal be the winner!

Now is time: who’s the best referee of the world? We’re back to the “2004 origins”, as the winner is coming from Spain again: congratulations to Fernando Gutierrez Lumbreras!

Below have a look at the final standing, while in the pdf file you will have the chance to check who voted for who!

AGLA Futsal Awards 2012

13th edition by Futsalplanet.com

Best Referee of the World

Final Ranking

1st – Fernando Gutierrez Lumbreras (ESP) -> 206 points

2nd – Renata Neves Leite (BRA) -> 120 points

3rd – Marc Birkett (ENG) -> 88 points

4th – Gabor Kovacs (HUN) -> 83 points

5th – Danijel Janosevic (CRO) -> 81 points

6th – Eduardo Fernandes Coelho (POR) -> 73 points

6th – Ivan Shabanov (RUS) -> 73 points

8th – Hector Rojas (PER) -> 72 points

9th – Nurdin Bukuev (KGZ) -> 33 points

10th – Scott Kidson (AUS) -> 17 points

AGLA Futsal Awards 2012



Best Referee of the World – Hall of Fame
2012 -> Fernando Gutierrez Lumbreras (Spain)
2011 -> Vadim Baratov (Turkmenistan)
2010 -> Danijel Janosevic (Croatia)
2009 -> Michel Jean Bonnaud (Brazil)
2008 -> Karoly Torok (Hungary)
2007 -> Antonio Cardoso (Portugal)
2006 -> not celebrated
2005 -> not celebrated
2004 -> Pedro Galan Nieto (Spain)

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  1. This Spanish gentleman did a very good job in our World Cup game against Mexico. The fact that we had a nice chat before the game might have helped our cause. He was just glad to converse with someone in Spanish…

    I think I beat the Mexican coach to the punch!

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