A novel way to take a free kick


Today in Kuwait, Futsal side Al-Fahaheel have perfected the free-kick and it is an absolute brilliant watch.

Ayedh Al Ajmi is responsible for the set up and Samer Sameeh shoots on goal.

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  1. It is a very enterprising and entertaining way to restart the game after an infringement.

    However, according to the current (as found in the FIFA website) FIFA’s Futsal Laws of the Game No. 12, Fouls and Misconduct:

    “Fouls and misconduct are infringements of the Futsal Laws of the Game that are penalised as follows:

    Fouls = Fouls are penalised with a direct free kick, penalty kick or indirect free kick.”

    Obviously the restart was not executed with a “kick”. So for all the qualified refs out there: was the restart invalid?If so, is that an incorrect application of a point of law by the officials? If so, does it give grounds to the yellow team to lodge an official protest based on a point of law?

  2. I believe the answer to the first answer is yes Rob V. The ball must be kicked and by definition “kick” is with the foot (I have a FIFA circular to that effect).

    As far as the other two points go, I don’t believe this constitutes and error in Law. Errors in Law are normally reserved for the wrong type of restart (rather than the incorrect taking of a restart).

    There was a recent example in the 2006 World Cup qualifier between Bahrain and Uzbekistan where an error in Law saw an incorrectly taken penalty kick result in an indirect free kick being awarded rather than a retake, which would have been the correct restart. The match was replayed after the protest was lodged.


    I believe this situation would been seen as an incorrect “opinion of the referee” with regard to the action of restart than an error in Law – but if the team were to protest under the provisions in the competition rules, the competition body would then make a determination.

  3. OK, thanks for that.

    My point is, the ref allowed something to happen that goes against the Laws of the game; there is no room for interpretation here i.e. was it a foul or not, was the ball out or not. It is very black and white and the official obviously got it VERY wrong, which does not happen very often… LOL

  4. I would disagree. If the interpretation (or the Kuwaiti translation of the Laws even) says “played” the referee would have seen nothing wrong with awarding the goal and believed he was enforcing the Laws as taught to him.

    It’s not uncommon for minor errors to be present in the Laws. There was a recent error in the English translation that incorrect had the word “kicked” when the Laws should have stated “played”. Some people assumed it was wrong, but getting a confirmation back from further up the chain is not always quick and simple.

    For all we know, the referees may have called it back after the video stopped. Or he may have got it wrong as you suggest.

    It’s not always as black and white as you seem to suggest.

  5. You would haven given Perry MAson a run for his money… however, it would be safe to assume that the “Kuwait” translation must have the word that means “kick” would not you agree? It does not seem to be a “cowboy” league they are playing in so, once again, it would be safe to assume that the officials have learnt the laws of the game from FIFA appoved booklets… Also by watching the video you will notice that the scoreboard shows the team on the left going to a 1-0 lead and that scoreline still shows unchanged until the same team scores in the second half to make it 2-0. For the third time, it is safe to assume that the goal stood, for if the ref had called it back then somehow either the scoreboard is wrong until the same team scores again or indeed they scored another goal in between the goals shown and the video does not show it, which is rather unlikely. Being familiar with the propencity of referees not to appear to be critical of the performance of a fellow referee I can say that I was half expecting those attempts to justify or explain away a decision that would appear incorrect to anyone familiar with the laws of the game. In saying that we all make mistakes, I just wish I had an vocate as good as you when I stuff up…

  6. “It’s not always as black and white as you seem to suggest. ” – Ref_on_tour Feb 11

    haha …. come on Rob you’ve been around long enough to know that when it comes to referee’s the only thing that is “black and white” is the fact that they will never admit they have made a mistake …… : )

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