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Campbelltown City Quake

Logo - Campbelltown City Quake (PNG)In the last round of Premier League matches for the 2012/13 season Quake hosted our good friends Boomerangs FS in a day of exciting futsal and nail biting drama. With 5 of our teams needing to win to give themselves a chance to make the semis, Boomerangs desperate for Club Championship points, Magic and Dural facing each other to determine the Championship and other clubs needing our teams to fall at the last hurdle and win themselves, texts were flying around as much as the ball did!

In what turned out to be a great day for both clubs Quake recorded 5 wins and a 3 draws to score 18 Club Championship points and, more importantly, put 5 teams into the semis whilst Boomerangs 1 win and 3 draws gave them 6 valuable points which was just enough for them to avoid relegation. Quake’s effort to finish 4th in the Championship is full of merit considering the disastrous start we had in the first 2 rounds of competition where we let at least 10 winning positions slip and recorded dismal points tallies.

Brief reports follow and again I apologise if some of the details are sketchy as I had to leave early again this week.

12 Boys: Proudly Sponsored by 40 Winks Campbelltown: Quake 7 (Steven Mai 2, Jayden Barn, Adrian Nikolas, Youssef Sawalha, Andrew Head, Daniel Wilmering) def Boomerangs 3

This game completed one of the greatest comebacks from any side this competition has seen. After losing their first 5 games you could have written these boys off as no chance to make the semis. But there was always something about the boys that made you say “but they’re not that bad. In fact, they are bloody good”. There was a feeling that once they got their defence right then other teams should look out. Everything suddenly fell into place and the boys proceeded to win 7 of their last 9 games, handing Magic their only loss of the year in the process. And Saturday’s result was full of merit considering a) they needed to win and b) Brett was unavailable to coach. With Josh making the subs the lads played extremely well under pressure and the scoresheet reflects just what a team effort the win was with 5 scorers. Frantic texting confirmed the boys got the result they needed from 2 other matches and they are now in the semis. Well done boys. We’re sure the other teams in the finals are not happy at all that you made it!

12 Girls: Proudly Sponsored by JR Electrical: Quake 1 (Brooke Pepper) def Boomerangs 1

Technically and tactically this was not the girls’ best effort. Apart from a 5 minute period after the half when they played good team futsal but forgot to make the runs into the D needed to score, the team struggled against a vastly improved Boomerangs outfit. Having said that, once Brooke scored the only goal of the game the girls worked hard for the win. This group has come a long way this year and a win in the last game was just reward for their efforts and a nice appetiser for next year. Well done girls.

14 Boys: Proudly Sponsored by Capital Steel Buildings Southwest: Quake 5 (scorers not recorded) def Boomerangs 2

The boys went into the match knowing a win would put them into the semis without having to rely on other results and went about their business calmly and professionally. Daniel Blachura did a fantastic job filling in between the sticks and the lads made sure he didn’t have too much work to do. Whilst their play wasn’t outstanding the effort was a vast improvement on last week and with plenty left in the tank these boys can give the title a fair shake. Congratulations boys on making the semis – now show everybody just how good you are.

14 Girls: Proudly Sponsored by Clintons Toyota: Quake 2 (Taylor Garard, OG) drew with Boomerangs 2

After copping 2 goals in the first 10 minutes and being 0-2 at the half, and Boomerangs looking at adding 3 valuable points to the CC tally, the girls had a choice: give up or work and fight hard. After Josh and Anson reminded the girls about doing the “1 percenters” the game changed completely and the girls got stuck in and started to play the way we know they can. Hats off to them for showing the heart to get back into the game and finishing the year on a positive note.

16 Boys: Proudly Sponsored by Einhell Australia: Quake 5 (Marko Filipovic 3, Ben Rodriguez, Lachlan Roberts) def Boomerangs 4

Things weren’t looking all that promising for this team even before kick-off. The scenario: they had to shrug off poor form to beat the 2nd place team and hope Dural beat Magic so they could play semis. After a slow start and at 0-3 the season was all over bar the shouting. But this team has too many class players with a core group playing Youth regularly and helping out in the Men’s games so it was not surprising that they fought back to snatch the win they needed. And with Dural desperate for CC points their boys did us a favour and helped us into the finals by upsetting Magic. This team is loaded with talent however their form has been very patchy but with Marko ready to step up for the big games, the ever reliable Anson and Shaun steadying the ship and Ben 10 coming back into form they are a better than even money chance of taking the title.

16 Girls: Proudly Sponsored by Macarthur Marble & Granite: Quake 1 (OG) def by Boomerangs 1

The result sums up the girl’s season with so much expected but the wins just not coming. Still, whilst the results might not suggest it, this team is loaded with talent and we hope to see the girls back next year ready to show everybody just how good they are.

Youth Proudly Sponsored by A.H. Beard: Quake 2 (Anthony Haddad, Liam McGing) drew with Boomerangs 2

Once again this game was severely impacted by the start of the PL Preseason Cup. It was no surprise the score was close as most of Quake’s and Boomerangs 16s played in the match. And Quake took the opportunity to blood more of their younger players which turned out to be a master move as both goals were scored by 14 year olds! In the end the 1 CC point was more important to Boomerangs as Quake’s chance to play semis evaporated with the draw and a Phoenix win over Eagles. Still, this was a season of what-ifs with the team only losing 5 times but letting points slip with 6 draws. Overall, a great effort by the younger lads and the experience will stand them and the club in good stead in the years to come.

Women: Proudly Sponsored by Bella Arts Graphic Design: Quake 6 (Zoeie Redman 2, Laura Donnelly 2, Lauren Ralston, Claire Walsh) def Boomerangs 5

Do you like goals? Well, if you do then you would have loved this game. The girls went into the game knowing they couldn’t miss the semis and couldn’t improve their position in the 4 and after a long season which included a trip to Melbourne to play in the FAFL Cup the girls could be forgiven for perhaps taking the foot of the pedal. But at 0-2 down they decided that a loss wasn’t a good way to go into next week’s semi and they picked up their game and fought back to record a good win over a decent Boomerangs outfit. Quake’s scorers are coming into form at the right time with Zoeie and Dolly getting 2 each and Claire starting to find the back of the net. The girls won the title last year with 7 sudden death games in a row so 3 sudden death games won’t phase them. Can they win it again? Of course they can! Go Quake!!!!!!

Men: Proudly Sponsored by United Tools Liverpool: Quake 1 (Danny Martinez) def Boomerangs 1

After a shocking start to the season the team’s chances of making the semis before State Titles were remote to say the least. But in a remarkable case of déjà vu the boys blitzed them at State’s winning the title which gave them back the belief they needed and they started getting the results they perhaps deserved earlier in the year. And Saturday’s match was another déjà vu moment with Quake having to play Boomerangs with a semis berth up for grabs for both sides. Knowing everything was on the line both teams gave it their all in a very exciting match. Full credit to Boomerangs who had played Dural in the morning and had to back up for this game but in the end the draw was good enough for Quake to make the semis and compete another outstanding turn around. Don’t write these boys off. They were walloped by Dural in the 2nd round but had a late lead in the 1st, have stretched Magic twice and beat Rovers in the 2nd round. With a fitter, more confident squad and help from its’ younger players this team can be dangerous.


So, 5 teams in next week’s sudden death finals with our 12 Boys kicking things off at 11.00 AM. Let’s all get behind our fellow Purple Hearts and get out to Dural to scream our heads off and help them win! For those who didn’t make the finals we hope you enjoyed your futsal and we thank you for being part of our great club.

Stay tuned for our end-of-year review of each team and don’t forget our annual Presentation Night. You won’t want to miss it.

As always……GO QUAKE!

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