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Last week we talked about the game as a whole and the cycle a game goes through for each team being, ATTACK – TRANSITION – DEFENSE – TRANSITION – ATTACK. For those that missed this you can find this blog here.

When you ask the question “what are we trying to achieve when we defend?”, to most young players the answer is generally “win the ball”. While this is correct, it also skews the player into a rushed win the ball at all costs frame of mind. When we look at defensive principles we see that “win the ball” is number 3 and happens as a result of doing the first 2 principles well.

  • 1. Protect the goal
    Get all players behind the ball as quickly as possible, making sure the players are all marking there opposing players in a goal side position. As a result of doing this well, attacking players will be forced to play backwards and or side ways which is protecting the goal.
  • 2. Delay the ball
    Make sure the attacking player who has the ball is under pressure as quickly as possible with out committing to tackle. Putting an attacking player under pressure and staying goal side will slow the progression of the ball and then force them to play back or sideways. We are now taking care of the first 2 principles.
  • 3. Regain possession
    As you can see the 3rd principle takes care of itself should the first two principles be carried out correctly

In this video of Japan v Portugal at the recent Futsal World Cup, I explain the 3 principles and how they are applied.

This video shows the 3 principles applied but also what can happen when one player makes the mistake of over committing in a crucial area.

Next week we take a broad look at attack.

Gareth Naar
Head Coach

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