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Understanding the game

In each edition to the newsletter I will be writing a small blog looking at one area of the game and giving you Mr Futsal’s interpretation and philosophy. Some of you will agree, some of you might not, but all of you should give it thought and even try it before dismissing it. You will also notice that these philosophies can be applied in football as well.

As an introduction, we look at the “Game” as a whole, and then through the next issues we will break the game down and look at specific areas.

mrfutsalattA Game of Futsal (and football) is broken down into three areas being; ATTACK, TRANSITION, DEFENSE which is represented in the picture to the left.

Which of these is most important?

Well, we think they are all as important as each other and players should be taught all of them with equal importance.

If we look at how these 3 main areas are made up we can start to think about the principles of both attack and defense, which follow the objectives we are trying to achieve in each area. In attack our objective is to score and in defense our objective is to stop the other team from scoring, therefore we can say:

Principles of Attack are:
1. Retain possession – keeping the ball off the opposition
2. Progress position of the ball and team – move the ball forward
3. Create scoring opportunity – get a shot on target

Principles of Defense are:
1. Protect the Goal – stop the other team from scoring
2. Delay the ball – slow down the player on the ball by applying pressure
3. Regain possession – win the ball back

Next week we will look at defense and how we apply the three principles. Also the common errors made by players in this area.

Gareth Naar
Head Coach

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