Dural Warriors @ AFC Championship Qualifiers No. 2

Rob Varela

What a day!

Have you ever played high level Futsal on an outside court covered by a tin roof in 30+ degree temperature and 95% + humidity? Have you ever been through a torrential tropical downpour lasting 45 minutes punctuated by with lightning strikes and thunder at 5 seconds intervals?

Have you ever tried to combine those two events?

That is exactly what we did last night when we played the Malaysian National team! The noise was so loud that we had to reverse to hand signals for instructions…

For those who know me a 0-3 loss would normally not please me. But this is not one of those cases; although disappointed at the score line so many positive things came out of the exercise.

We totally dominated the first half and a score line of 0-0 was not an indication of the run of the game but we need to finalise the scoring chances that we create!

The second half was much more even as the fatigue brought on by an overnight 8-hour flight and very little sleep during the day took away from our sharpness and gave a pretty good Malaysian team more time on the ball.

In saying that their three goals, all in the space of 7 minutes, came from 2 set pieces and a very quick counter attack after we looked like scoring at the other end.

We got our second wind towards the end of the second half and finished the game strongly creating some clear chances and forcing some remarkable saves from their Goal Keeper who had a very fine match.

All in all a very worth while exercise that gave the younger players a taste of what’s to come.

On the “menu” for today: a relaxing morning for the players but the “riveting” technical meeting for coaches and managers followed by a press conference; a light training session in the afternoon to run out the soreness and a brief team meeting after dinner.

Tomorrow the “fun” begins with our first game against Thai Son Nam from Vietnam kicking off at 3.30, 5.30 Sydney time. We just can’t wait!

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