Sydney Scorpions and the F-League (NSW)

Sydney Scorpions FC

The Sydney Scorpions are newly founded entity which will compete in the Football NSW Hummel F-League.

The Scorpions are a representative based club which has amalgamated four of the elite clubs in the NSW Premier League.


The four existing and well established clubs have pooled both talent and resources in order to form a new Futsal F-League club, the Sydney Scorpions, that represents the entire city of Sydney in the 2013 F-League season and every subsequent year that the F-League is played.

The club is equally focused on both Mens and Womens Futsal and will be one of only 3 clubs that will field both a Mens team and a Womens team.

Our vision is to be the most successful and most recognised Futsal club in Australia. We intend to market our brand to the wider community and engage all demographics and cultures within those communities and to expose them to the sport of Futsal.

Sydney Scorpions hold a high ambition to become a futsal brand focusing even more importantly on the development of the sport in this country.

We will set up Futsal Academies throughout the state in which our representative players will train and coach young players in Futsal basics. Academies will be available to anyone wanting to learn about Futsal and will focus on, but not be limited to the following things: Attacking Principles, Defensive Principles, Set Pieces, systems of play and Goalkeeping all in line with the FFA National Curriculum.

The main purpose of these Academies is to enrich young players in society to the great sport of futsal and all the benefits that the sport brings.

Ultimately we want to train these young players and give them a pathway to be able to play for one of our four Premier League clubs and ultimately wear a Scorpion Jersey when age permits.

Sydney Scorpions are committed to running free coaching courses and Futsal fun days to highlight the sport to indigenous communities in both Sydney and rural areas. With the support of the indigenous community we will see our vision turn into a reality and potentially provide future Futsalroos from these communities and directly from the Sydney Scorpions academies.

Our vision is to increase the current Futsal participation rate within NSW whilst supporting the current state and national pathways directed by Football NSW and the FFA.


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