Womens V-League set for a big first round (VIC)

Futsal Oz

The newly formed Women’s V-League is all set for the opening round this Friday (19th April) night at Futsal Oz.

With teams playing a number of practice matches and finalizing teams before the start of the inaugural league all teams are fit and raring to go

Club Preview

Pascoe Vale FC

Coach Andre Caro has put together a good squad since the Women’s FAFL cup, that has seen the team develop into a team capable of winning the championship. In the early practice matches Pascoe Vale have been coming along nicely and should be one of the favorites for the league.


FC Richmond

A team that has already made their mark at Futsal Oz with their attacking flair that will going into the season as the favorites to win the competition as they have been scoring goals for fun in the practice matches. Player coach Melinda Aloisio has put together a handy squad with flair and experience and look tough to beat.


Hume FC

Hume FC has a young squad that have been together since the recent FFA nationals, coach Sam Mlynarz has put together a handy squad who have already shown they fear no one. With Mlynarz in their corner they will play a nice brand of Futsal that will cause teams trouble through out the season.


Vic Vipers

Vic Vipers like Pascoe Vale have a proud tradition in the Nike V-League and their inclusion in the league is a massive boost to the league. With Men’s coach Sprio Karkas also involved with the squad they will be no easy beats and will ensure the competition is competitive from day one.


Ashburton FC

Ashburton FC is a teams of players that have come together during the practice matches and may struggle early while they continue to develop. With Ashburton star Lorenzo De Paris taking charge of the team it will be a steep learning curve for the team.


Melbourne Uni

Melbourne Uni have developed nicely through the practice matches and are a team that can surprise a few this season. They have a good around team and are hard to score against look for them to challenge for a finals position.


Round One Preview

8:00pm – Pascoe Vale FC vs. FC Richmond

This should be  the match of the round, Pascoe Vale FC play a more structured style of game under the guidance of Andre Caro, while FC Richmond prefer to play an attacking style which often involves the 5th man to create their chances. Both teams will be looking for that little piece of history to be the first club to claim 3 point in the new league.

Prediction: FC Richmond to take the points

8:45pm – Ashburton FC vs. Vic Vipers

Vic Vipers have looked good in the practice matches and it could be a tough first up game for Ashburton FC. Vipers have been great at finding the net and Ashburton will need to stay focused for the 40mins if they are to cause an upset

Prediction: Vic Vipers to take the points

9:30pm – Hume FC vs. Melbourne Uni

This match could go either way with both teams playing some decent Futsal in the practice matches. Hume FC may have the edge as the squad have played some big matches at the FFA Futsal Nationals and this experience should get them over the line

Prediction: Hume FC to take the points

Round 2 Matches – Friday 24th April

  • 8:00pm – FC Richmond vs. Ashburton FC
  • 8:45pm – Pascoe Vale FC vs. Melbourne Uni
  • 9:30pm – Vic Vipers vs. Hume FC


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