Fremantle Muita Calma 2013 Japan Tour (WA)

WA State Futsal League

Logo - Fremantle Muita CalmaDAY 1

Fremantle Muita Calma: The journey begins !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destination Kobe Festa Futsal 2013 Tournament
1st stop Singapore,whilst in transit took in down town Orchard Road, Wow!!!!! what a city , SPOTLESS Shops, such as YSL, GUCCI, ARMANI, SALAVATORE FERRAGAMO, PRADA, just to name a few, the food is absolutely mouth watering.

2nd stop Osaka, where we caught up with the Futsal OZ boys, & were welcomed by the, HYOGO Futsal Association representative.
“Straight to the training court”, was the call, from the coach!

On our arrival to the court, the players where presented with the Pele sponsored playing kits, the look on their faces was amazing, a light session was on the agenda, and on the court next to us was Kobe Deaucao, last years winners and this years favorites, with an eye OR two on our session.

Coach Raffa was extremely happy with how well the squad gelled, to which he believes is a huge confidence booster for the task ahead.

To the hotel we go, where the group enjoyed a light and tasty lunch, Japanese style.

Tonight the players will rest up, in preparation for the first game of the tournament, against Japan F League u/23 all star selection, with the game kicking off at 4pm Perth time. Coach Raffaele Capasso, Assistant Manager Giuseppe Minoia, & Peter Parthimos are off to the official tournament launch, at Nanko shrine in Kobe. Many more photo opportunities to come along with some introductions to some very important Futsal delegates.

Fremantle Muita Calma (Aus) 3-3 F-LEAGUE U23s

Great result for the Australian Club representing the WA State Futsal League & Nike V-League Premiership.

In what was the highest level of Futsal this group has participated in thus far, our lads did us and Australia proud here in Japan with a 3-all draw against the future of Japanese Futsal.

The match was QUALITY! Our lads played with structure, discipline and purpose. Unlucky to walk away with only 1 point, with several missed opportunities in the last 8 minutes which included a 10 meter penalty, striking the crossbar and missing and open goal. The lads had the Japanese U23s on the back foot for the majority of the second half, with eager Japanese onlookers in utter shock after trailing twice in the match.

With the average age of 21.4 the Japanese were quick, physical and sharp but couldn’t break through Raffaele Cappasso’s tight and disciplined defense. With Freo’s average age 24.1, defense quickly turned into attack with many opportunities created through quality passing and link up work.

With a 2nd half full court press, our lads had the home team on the back foot on several occasions and the foul count ticking over fast.

Great performance with the first goal coming after several passes saw Andre Caro smash one into the corner past the keeper. The second was a brilliant free kick about 10 meters out by Fernando De Moraes and the third was a brilliant dance around the keeper by De Moraes to slot it in.

The Japanese are quality and found an equaliser and thats where it ended.

A Fantastic performance all round as well look to regroup for our next clash vs the champions of Korea Jeonju Mag on Saturday 2:30pm Japan time (3:30pm EST).

All good, no injuries to report and wish us luck as we attempt to reach the final.







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