‘Super’ mum to the rescue at the Antonis household (NSW)

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'Super' mum Anna Antonis flanked by her football kids, Terry, George and Dimity

‘Super’ mum Anna Antonis flanked by her football kids, Terry, George and Dimity

Regarded by her three kids as ‘Super’ mum, Anna Antonis lives and breathes football through them all at her Georges Hall residence.

The Hanson Construction customer service manager frantically gears up for yet another week of football mayhem as her three kids; Terry (19), Dimity (14) and George (10) gear up for yet another week of football.

“This has been my life for the past 15 years, supporting my kids realising their dreams and doing what they love.

“I am proud of all three of them.

“Football keeps them fit and healthy and it also gives them the opportunity to meet new friends.”

All three play football with Terry shooting off to Italy on the 16th of May after winning himself a dream come true contract with Italian Serie A side Parma after a solid season with Sydney FC while sister Dimity, registered to Bass Hill’s Under 16 Girls side and younger brother George, playing with Sydney United 58’s U12s squad all share a common passion namely football.

“They all love the game.

“Whenever they’re not training with their clubs they’re training with one another at home down at the park.

“It’s part of all our lives.”

Asked if she was tired at the start of this interview, “Super” mum replied.

“This is a normal day in the household of the Antonis’

“My husband Peter and I are used to it all now but we love doing it.”

Preparing for Greek Orthodox Easter this weekend, Anna is busily preparing dinner for her family while she kisses both Dimity and George goodbye as they shoot off to training, while she catches up with Terry before he jet sets on a trip of a lifetime to Europe.

“It’s all routine for us now.

“George trains three times a week and plays on the weekend while Dimity trains twice and plays her match on Sundays.

“We can’t forget Futsal either, they both play all year round with the Inner West Magic.

“As for Terry, we watch every match we can and travel to Newcastle and the Central Coast, but now we will just have to watch him on television when he leaves for Italy,” she said with a tear in her eye.

After shedding a few more tears, Anna was proud of what Terry had so far achieved.

“I am proud of what Terry has accomplished and this is the result of what hard work can do.

“I will miss him terribly, any mother that has been in this situation would understand, it isn’t easy seeing this happen but I am grateful that he is following his dream.

“I am equally proud of all of my children as they all play a special role in our lives.”

Watching them realise their dreams is one thing but Anna had some choice words to say to any mother ready for that next challenge with their children playing football.

“My advice is let them do what makes them happy.

“Let them follow their dreams and passions.

“Always support them no matter what.”

Asked what he thought of mum, Terry replied with a smile on his face something short and sweet.

“Mum’s the best.

“I have the best mum in the world, she’s been there since day one and I will be forever appreciative of that.”

No doubt all three kids will be surprising Anna with a nice surprise come Mother’s Day on Sunday May 12th.

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