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tablelandRead this and prepare to be astounded. All is not what it seems. There has been some consternation on the social network regarding Futsal Fees, most of it rumour and unfounded. The Tablelands Futsal Club fee remains the same as it was for the Summer season and the season before that. Court Fees have not increased for individuals in teams of 5 or 6 members. In fact, Court Fees have dropped. That’s right, just like your jaw just did! Compared to the summer season, for members of a team of 5 that plays in the final, the fee drops by up to $12 per person (Juniors) and $11 less (Seniors). Individuals in a team of 6 pay up to $5 less (Juniors) and $2 less (Seniors). Most teams in the competition are of 5 or 6 members. Most teams will make a semi at least – for that reason we have created a 2nd Division for the Mixed semis and final. For individuals in a team of 7 there is an increase of $5 (Juniors) and $13.50 (Seniors) if their team reaches the final. To the semi’s it’s an increase of $10 and $16 and if they don’t reach the semis, then it’s $15 and $22.00, between $1.50 and about $2 each per game.

The new fees are based on the assumption that the average team has 6 members. This assumption proved to be correct as Team Nomination Sheets show that seven teams have 5 members, fifteen have 6, three have 7 and one has 9 – an average of 5.96! It is tradition that the numbers of players and teams goes down in winter so another assumption was made that most, if not all, teams will make the Semis. The structure does financially favour a team of 5 or 6 that makes the Final. The committee decided to dispense with the collecting of court fees separate from registration etc. They also decided to dispense with collecting Finals court fees at the end of the season. They found it an unnecessary hassle, especially when a team decides to be reticent in paying a legitimate court fee. It was considered more convenient to introduce a flat-rate one-off fee that would also help to alleviate the necessity to fund raise, an activity that is always left to the same few volunteers.

The fees pay for Referees’ wages ($10 per game for Juniors and $12 per game for Seniors). The Referee Manager, the Games Night Manager, the Hall hire ($220 per night at Atherton and $80 per night at Malanda plus any daytime coaching and training sessions of which there will be some throughout the season). Fees also pay for equipment (e.g., $5231 for the new nets, balls and bibs which were part paid for by winter season fees). We are continually replacing balls at around $27 each plus other odds and ends. Trophies are another cost (reduced thankfully by a generous donation from Jason Cummings Electrical). Also, the cost of uniforms for Tablelands Futsal Club representative players in away or home competitions is met by the Club.

Your fees are going to good use. Thankyou for being part of the Tablelands Futsal Club family.

Yours faithfully,
The TFC Committee

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