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WA State Futsal League

Brad Kneebone (North Fremantle Sharks) and Glenn Sheldon (South Fremantle MC)

Brad Kneebone (North Fremantle Sharks) and
Glenn Sheldon (South Fremantle MC)

2013 SFL Summer Season MVP Award

The 2013 MVP award for the WA State Futsal League was won, for the first time ever, by not only one but 2 Goal Keepers. 2 of the most reliable and consistent players in the league to date were rewarded for their stellar performances throughout the Summer Season.

Congratulations Brad Kneebone and Glenn Sheldon who have been awarded a $200 Pele Sports voucher each.

In the 2013 Winter Season, which commences on the 8th of June, both players will be in action once again. Glenn Sheldon with South Fremantle MC and Brad Kneebone will head to Cambio Cumbre.

Newly Crowned Champions of the SFL

The day started with the playoff for 3rd and 4th. Scarborough Samba Boys vs South Fremantle MC. This game was exciting all the way to the final whistle with The Samba Boys showing their passion for the game and a new found structure plus composure through the short work by their coach Brian Watkins.

Finalists, Cambio Cumbre and North Fremantle Sharks

Finalists, Cambio Cumbre and North Fremantle Sharks

Unfortunately for South Fremantle MC, team captain Luke Tidy was unavailable to play due to a health scare that saw him omitted from the Semi Finals only hours before kick off. He is recovering well and has sworn to be back to full strength for next season.

Scarborough Samba Boys 3 – Tiago Scherer 1, Eder Costa 1, Victor Brauner 1
South Fremantle MC 2 – Adriano Martino 2

The Grand Final went totally as planned for Cambio Cumbre, however, it wasn’t that easy. Having most of the possession did not guarantee them goals and with newly crowned League MVP, Brad Kneebone standing in goals it was his former Muita Calma team mate, Nestor Fonseca that was able to beat him. He broke the deadlock with a neat side foot into the bottom corner, after a neatly worked play that opened up the Sharks defence.

The Sharks tried as hard as they could to catch Cumbre on the counter attack but Victor Garzon put in his own man of the match performance by saving everything that came his way. A great technical game of Futsal that took the standard to another level once again and as mentioned in Nestor Fonseca’s speech The SFL just keeps getting better and better every season. A Great crowd that really enjoyed the Futsal on display.

Cambio Cumbre 1 – Nestor Fonseca 1
North Fremantle Sharks 0

Well done to CAMBIO CUMBRE the new 2013 SFL Summer Season Champions

Cambio Cumbre 2013 SFL Summer Season Champions

Cambio Cumbre 2013 SFL Summer Season Champions

Cambio Cumbre Lead By Example

Cambio Cumbre are the first team to win the SFL since Fremantle Muita Calma’s dominance of the League over the last few years. Since that dominance the league has become a lot more competitive as the standard increases and the Clubs become bigger and more professional.

What they have shown, however, is that if a team is prepared to do the hard work and commit to the potential that they all have, winning is possible and so too are the rewards as only the SFL can offer. The club will not stop with this win as they look to grow from here. Cambio Cumbre will continue their support towards the SFL by also entering a team into the newly formed DRAFT LEAGUE, commencing Saturday June 15th. This means they will have a team in the SFL and The Draft League, playing Saturdays. This is all due to the growth of the club and their structure. In the SFL we want your club to grow.

Not only have they won the most competitive league in WA but they also now have the opportunity to promote their club to the rest of the country as they look to prepare for the FAFL Cup in Melbourne.

The WA State Futsal League forms what is the Western Conference of the highly competitive league in Melbourne, Victoria. The V-League. This is run by the great team at Futsal Oz and due to this partnership, The SFL can offer teams a lucrative spot in the most well organised and competitive tournament in the country, The FAFL Cup. As winners of the SFL teams will automatically secure a spot to represent WA.

The next FAFL Cup is in September this year and will see Cambio Cumbre represent WA and the WA State Futsal League.

To be the best you have to play the best! Email your expression of interest to info@statefutsalleague.com.au

SFL Transfer News

Day 1
Victor Brauner – Samba Boys to Sharks as Player/ Coach
Lucas Brauner – Samba Boys to Sharks
Brad Kneebone (MVP) – Sharks to Cambio Cumbre
Tiago Fracasso – Sharks to South Fremantle MC
Julius Ko – FK Otpisani to South Fremantle MC

Players on Loan Julius Ko – South Fremantle MC on loan to Sharks

Day 2
Frederico Salvador Vanin – South Fremantle MC to Sharks
Andre Deuner – Samba Boys to South Fremantle MC
Hayden Bryan – Colo Colo to South Fremantle MC

South Fremantle MC and North Fremantle Sharks have been very active since the transfer window opened only one day ago and have their team lists in early as their coaches fly out to Japan today. Over the next few days we will see how active the other teams have been.

Samba Boys are looking at a fresh new start after re-signing Brian Watkins as the coach for the Winter season with the introduction of some new faces we wait in anticipation to see what Marcio and Brian can put together. No doubt they will be pushing to get that number one spot and with up to 12 players training on Thursdays it should be a great team.

FC Beffen have been active bringing back some old faces to the team and have also been playing very well Wednesday evenings at Scotch. Darren Blankley remains as the coach and will start Wednesday night trainings at Scotch from 6pm before their games.

Fremantle Colo Colo have signed a new Manager for the Club who is busy helping Pedro Pavez bring in some new players. The clubs first target is Harry Ilosono from Sharks who was noticeably absent for the finals. Maybe the deal is already done. There are also talks that the club is looking to bring in some developing players from Cambio Cumbre on loan to strengthen the side.

Perna Revolution will be all fresh faces and we can’t wait to see the players that take the court on the 8th of June. Japanese F League players are rumoured to be linked to the Club, so maybe we could see a fresh new style of Futsal in the league. Awesome!

FK Otpisani have been throwing a few names as possible signings but there have been no confirmations. They could be looking at digging into the pool of Serbian talent they have at their disposal to shake up the league once again. Goal Keeper, Rob Kostic is still not confirmed even though they have lost Julius Ko.

The new Champions of the SFL, Cambio Cumbre, will look to build on their success as they have to strengthen their side for the FAFL Cup in Melbourne. A great start with the signing of League MVP Brad Kneebone. Who will be next?

To enter a team or nominate yourself to play email: info@statefutsalleague.com.au

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