Futsal Rant – 9th Edition

Futsal Rant


Futsal Rant aims to tackle all the hot futsal issues across the country from political to just plain silly.

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Futsal Rant will follow up stories from Tasmania to Townsville and bring you as much information as possible. Futsal Rant mails to all leading Futsal websites & Football Federation Futsal departments.


The F-League commenced last weekend with some good, bad and ugly matches. Its no suprise that last years champions Dural find themselves on top after the first series. The newly formed Sydney Scorpions look like a better version of East Coast Heat with a combination of players from various NSW Futsal clubs. Heat have started better this year and find themselves in third. Boomerangs are their usual up and down selves in midtable mediocrity with the four Victorian clubs making up the rest of the table. Vipers are the pick of the vics again, Cobras (Melbourne Heart) find themselves at the bottom of the table and one has to wonder how much longer the football club will allow its brand to be humiliated at the national futsal level. On another note, Paramatta are the notable absentees from this years edition and join Maccabi & Inner City on f-league exile island. In regards to F-League sustainability, $5000 entry fees, flights, accommodation.. can clubs continue to fork out thousands and thousands for 5-10 years? Only time will tell…


With all the futsal and football action happening at the moment, blink and you might’ve missed it! A combination of WA Club Muita Calma and VIC Futsal Oz players travelled to Japan to take part in a six team tournament. The ‘Muita OZ’ team made the final against a catalan select XII, drawing 3-3 with the Japanese National U/23 team and beating a Korea select XII 5-1 on the way to the final. The Muita Oz team did well punching above expectation and competing at a high standard on the international stage. Word is that the delegates present were very impressed with the team from Australia, even if there were only a couple of Aussies in the squad. The WA lads seem to have forged some ties with melbourne clubs, inviting pascoe vale players to travel to Japan, and the vic vipers having three WA players on there books for the F-League.

AFA / THAI Womens team Debacle

AFA need to come out ASAP and clear the air in regards to what has happened. Futsal rant has sent the AFA numerous emails with no reply. The whole saga has raised demons of the past with political futsal parties trying to stop people playing in, with and against rival competitions/teams. Without being pro-ffa if AFA did pay for the thai team to come out then they should ‘unofficialy’ be able to dictate who they play and where they go.


Futsal players and clubs a like have a smorgesboard of futsal / 5 a side comps to participate in this year nationwide including:

  • FFA Nationals
  • AFA Nationals
  • FAFL Cup 2
  • V-League
  • NSW Pl
  • Melb Futsal League
  • WA SFL
  • Adelaide’s inaugural league
  • Tiger Street Soccer Tournament 2
  • F-League 3
  • FNC Byron Bay Comp
  • Cairns International Invitational

Futsal & 5-a-side is definitely experiencing a growth in avenues to participate at the elite/advanced level.

FFV Sacks Chris Ryan & Futsal Standing Committee 

After recording huge losses last year the FFV has decided to wield the axe with several employees losing there jobs including Chris Ryan, who has run futsal for over 5 years down south. Who knows what direction the governing body will go in but it doesnt look good for futsal. Clubs are anxiously waiting to see what will happen to the MFL, with the futsal standing committee rumoured to be abandoned too. Several committee members who have supported the federation through thick and thin are said to be furious with the organisation that has shown its true colours. Tensions reached boiling point when clubs like the Cobras, Pirates & Jaguars, who have sung the FFV tune for years, pulled out there junior teams at the commencement of this years

Womens Futsal

After years of screaming and shouting Womens Futsal has finally taken off, the womens F-League offering the girls elite futsal halfway through the year, with the fafl shortly after nationals another avenue for girls around the country to get a kick. There has been plenty of interest in the Women’s game, enough to rival the mens! Good luck to all teams taking part in the F-League this weekend.

Futsalroo Training Camp

Lastly, Good luck to all the current and potential futsalroos invited to attend the training camp this weekend.

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