ASB Junior Festival and Youth Champs and ASB Trans Tasman Cup (NZ)

NZ Football Futsal

Logo - NZ FootballThe following is the TV schedule for this weekend’s events and all upcoming NZ matches are as follows.

The following matches are confirmed for Sommet Sports FREEVIEW TV


  • 2.30pm Trans-Tasman Series Highlights


  • 4pm Live – NZ Invitational vs Australia
  • 8pm Live – Solomon Islands vs New Zealand


  • 7am Trans-Tasman Series Highlights
  • 4pm Live – Tahiti vs NZ Invitational
  • 6pm Live – Australia vs Vanuatu
  • 8pm Live – Malaysia vs New Zealand
  • Midnight Trans-Tasman Series Highlights


  • 2pm Live – Vanuatu vs NZ Invitational
  • 6pm Live – New Zealand vs New Caledonia


  • 1pm Replay – Final + 3/4th Highlights
  • 10.30pm Replay – Final + 3/4th Highlights

Playoff matches have not been fixed yet.

All matches will be live on

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