Australia 6 – 1 Vanuatu (OFC)


aussie coachAustralia have beaten Vanuatu 6-1 at The Trusts Arena in Auckland, New Zealand in the third match on the second day of the OFC Futsal Championship Invitational.

See below for all the play-by-play action.

Starting line-ups:

Australia: 13. Angelo KONSTANTINOU (GK), 5. Mark SYMINGTON, 7. Toby SEETO (c), 10. Daniel FOGARTY, 11. Dean LOCKHART
Substitutes: 1. Kieran PATES (GK), 2. Adam COOPER, 3. Daniel FULTON, 6. Eddie ALPKAYA, 8. Marino MUSUMECI, 9. Chris ZEBALLOS
Coach: Steve KNIGHT (AUS)

Vanuatu: 1. Glendon MASAAI (GK), 7. Ben HUNGAI (c), 8. Pakoa RAKOM, 9. Donald AVOCK, 10. Albert THO
Substitutes: 2. Joseph HANGHANGKON, 3. Bill TITEK, 4. Dudley DOMINIQUE, 5. Jesse TAKARO, 6. Jacky JOHN, 11. Nalpinie IASI, 12. Philip YVANO (GK)
Coach: Louis DOMINIQUE (VAN)

Match officials:

Referee: Amitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Second referee: Phillip MANA (SOL)
Third referee: Rex KAMUSU (SOL)
Timekeeper: Campbell KIRK-WAUGH (NZL)

The match kicks off

19′ 54″ Vanuatu have the ball from kick off and go long but it goes out

19′ 21″ Dean Lockhart has the first shot of the match but Vanuatu goalkeeper Glendon Masaai fives low to his right to keep it out

19′ 10″ Australia goalkeeper Angelo Konstantinou is called into action to keep out a rasping drive from Donald Avock

18′ 37″ Mark Symington breaks down the right and shoots for Australia but Masaai keeps it out

18′ 27″ The palms of Konstantinou are stung again, this time by Pakoa Rakom

17′ 22″ Symington again breaks down the right and shoots but Masaai dives to tip his effort over the bar

17′ 04″ Daniel Fogarty drags a shot wide of the Vanuatu goal

16′ 33″ Vanuatu captain Ben Hungai breaks forward and shoots but can’t beat Konstantinou

15′ 34″ Avock calls Konstantinou into action again but the Australia goalkeeper is up to the task once more

14′ 54″ Konstantinou tips a Jacky John shot over the cross bar

12′ 51″ Vanuatu are really taking the game to Australia and are shading the possession stakes

12′ 37″ GOAL! Australia 1 Vanuatu 0: Australia score somewhat against the run of play though when Fogarty finds the net

12′ 02″ A shot from Dudley Dominique is blocked by the Australia defence

11′ 15″ YELLOW CARD: Dominique is cautioned for Vanuatu

10′ 04″ Nalpinie Iasi has a wild swing at goal for Vanuatu but doesn’t get near the target

09′ 40″ Dominique fires wide of the Australia goal

08′ 00″ Wade Giovenali lifts a shot from close range onto the Vanuatu cross bar

07′ 18″ Avock cuts onto his right and shoots but drags his effort wide

07′ 18″ A time out is called by Australia

06′ 17″ A time out is called by Vanuatu

05′ 23″ Avock nearly draws Vanuatu level with a powerful low shot but Konstantinou makes the save

04′ 59″ Captain Hungai shoots for Vanuatu but puts his effort wide

04′ 00″ Sharp interplay from Australia results in a shot for Adam Cooper but his strike fizzes past the goal

02′ 52″ Australia captain Toby Seeto picks out Dean Lockhart with a reverse pass but the latter slips as he hits his shot and can’t make a good connection

00′ 06″ Konstantinou shows good bravery to deny Vanuatu the chance to draw level just before the break

The first half comes to an end

The second half kicks off

19′ 55″ Musumeci smashes a shot at Vanuatu goalkeeper Masaai straight from kick off

19′ 50″ Masaai is called into action again to deny Seeto

17′ 58″ GOAL! Australia 2 Vanuatu 0: Australia have a bit more breathing space after Symington shows good composure to find the net

17′ 30″ Vanuatu have one of their best chances of the match but Jacky John can’t make a good connection

16′ 06″ GOAL! Australia 2 Vanuatu 1: Vanuatu get themselves back into the game when Albert Tho prods home at the far post

13′ 55″ Dean Lockhart is teed up for a shot for Australia but blazes his effort well wide

13′ 30″ Seeto gets on the end of a lofted pass but can’t strike his volley cleanly

11′ 50″ YELLOW CARD: Jacky John is cautioned for Vanuatu

11′ 24″ GOAL! Australia 3 Vanuatu 1: Australia are presented with a two-goal buffer in fortunate fashion after a Daniel Fogarty shot somehow makes its way past goalkeeper Masaai at the near post

10′ 46″ A time out is called by Vanuatu

09′ 56″ GOAL! Australia 4 Vanuatu 1: Australia pull further ahead when Fogarty runs onto a ball down the right and slips it past the advancing Masaai and into the net for his hat-trick

07′ 50″ Chris Zeballos breaks forward and shoots for Australia but Masaai saves

06′ 52″ YELLOW CARD: Zeballos is cautioned for Australia

05′ 56″ GOAL! Australia 5 Vanuatu 1: Fogarty continues a memorable match personally by scoring his fourth of the evening

04′ 08″ Pakoa Rakom smashes a Vanuatu free kick straight into the hands of Konstantinou

02′ 35″ Adam Cooper strikes the Vanuatu post with a well-struck shot from the right

02′ 10″ Australia substitute goalkeeper Kieran Pates does well to deny Avock and Tho in quick succession

01′ 20″ GOAL! Australia 6 Vanuatu 1: Cooper slots home Australia’s sixth as the clock ticks down

The final whistle is blown

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