Round 13 NIKE VLP Review (VIC)

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Logo - V-League (PNG)Brimbank Futsal Club 8 – 8 Mickleham Futsal Club

BRIM: I. Zilic 6, A. Alicevic 2
MICK: L. Campbell 3, I. Filipovic 3, V. Zoric, D. Kusturic

The first game to kick off Round 13 saw Brimbank who are sitting comfortably in 6th position on the ladder take on Mickleham who are fighting for survival in the relegation zone. The first half was an absolute shoot out as both sides went goal for goal, Ivan Zilic grabbing a double and Adem Alicevic scored the other major for Brimbank, while Mickleham all had single goal scorers in Lachie Campbell, Iggy Filipovic, Davor Kusturic and captain Vlado Zoric. At the start of the second half, one could sense that there was going to be more goals scored – three were recorded in the first couple of minutes – most notably a screamer from halfway by Iggy Filipovic to put Mickleham in front. No matter what Brimbank tried, their lower ranked opponents had all the answers, maintaining a two goal margin until only two minutes were left on the clock. Luckily Ivan Zilic didn’t give up his desire to at least get a result, with the veteran scoring two late goals in the dying minutes to seal a point. There was a far-spot penalty awarded to Brimbank seconds before the final whistle, although first gamer Adam Chesterton denied Adem Alicevic’s strike. So as it turned out, both sides were lucky to receive a point. Brimbank on the other hand will be rueing that two of their most in form players missed through injury in key defender Adis Sehic and keeper John Italia. Two players that could have stabilized Brimbank’s shaky defence.

Man of the Match: Ivan Zilic (Brimbank)

The Brimbank veteran came to the rescue for his side today with six much needed goals. With Adem Alicevic having a quiet day at the office someone needed to step up and deliver. Not to mention his two goals scored in the last two minutes! A magical performance.

Brimbank’s Ivan Zilic celebrates a late second half goal.

Brimbank’s Ivan Zilic celebrates a late second half goal.

F.C. Carlton Heart 5 – 5 Metropolitan Futsal Club

CARL: S. Gustus 2, J.P. Nicolocopolous 2, C. Rajab … MET: A. Redzepovic 3, D. Vithoulkas, T. Grgic

After word that Carlton starlets Lucas Kruel, Maurucio Novak and Felipe Bley had left the Heart’s in the transfer window, it seemed that there was not a lot of hope for Chaaban Rajab’s side. It wasn’t made any easier for the former State League side as Metropolitan, who suffered a shock loss last week were determined as ever to remain at the top of the ladder. That’s exactly how the first half panned out – Carlton seemed undermanned and Metro a determined and hungry outfit – as the Sky Blues raced to a 4-1 half time lead, spearheaded by two goals from Alija Redzepovic. Only a goal from Carlton youngster Stephen Gustus gave them any hope of staying in touch with the league leaders. The second half saw a different Carlton step up to the plate as a double from striker J.P. Nicolocopolous and a single from Gustus levelled the scores. As always, Alija Redzepovic came to the aid of his flailing side bagging a crucial goal to keep them in front ever so slightly late in the game. But as Carlton have done all season, they kept pressing and playing with a steely determination and eventually they broke through Metro’s defence with a brilliant individual effort from Chaaban Rajab to make it five all with just over one minute left on the clock. It was yet another week of heartache for Metro who are still missing the likes of Dino Redzepovic and Adam Husseini, but in all fairness Carlton have been hit the hardest in the transfers of Bley, Kruel and Novak. It was a fine effort by the Carlton lads, showing the entire league that they are still a force not to be underestimated.

Man of the Match: Stephen Gustus (Carlton)

The Heart’s up and coming youngster has been growing as a player game by game and he certainly came of age against the leagues top team tonight. With a goal either side of half time, tough tackles, important intercepts and inspiring intensity, it’s no wonder why Gustus collected the M.O.M award.

Carlton’s Stephen Gustus dispossesses Metro’s Alija Karic in yet another Carlton counter in the second half.

Carlton’s Stephen Gustus dispossesses Metro’s Alija Karic in yet another Carlton counter in the second half.

Fitzroy Futsal Club 5 – 4 Vic Vipers Futsal Club

FTZ: B. Monteleone 3, I. Altuntas 2 … VV: Jon. Barrientos 2, M. Barrigos 2

Just before 6pm the crowd began to completely fill out the Futsal Oz Stadium as there were many that were keen on catching a glimpse of Fernando De Moraes lining up for Fitzroy against his former team in the Vic Vipers. But to the surprise and somewhat disappointment of others he was not available for todays game and to make matters worse for Todd Miles’ young side, his other South American star, Andres Cardemas was also unavailable. That left on Mark Burton as the only senior player to take on the Vipers who admittedly were also without key players Maxi Avram, Adam Cooper and Kieran Pates. With Burton acting as the General in defence, Fitzroy were able to stave off a Vipers onslaught in the first half. The Vipers dominated large portions possession, then shot themselves into a 2-0 lead with goals from Jon Barrientos and Miguel Barrigos. Fitzroy could have been forgiven for dropping their heads but that wasn’t the case as a late goal from Ben Monteleone swung the momentum going into the break. The second half saw the youngsters really take the game to the Vipers, with the Monteleone brothers – Ben and Joe – causing plenty of havoc on the counter attack. Fitzroy’s hard work and self belief paid off in the end as they held the lead mid way through the first half with strikes from Ilhan Altuntas and Ben Monteleone, but it always seemed the Vipers had the answers as Jon Barrientos and Miguel Barrigos both scored to equalise at 4-4 with minutes remaining. With both sides desperate for the three points, it made for good viewing as the game really opened up in the last few minutes which suited Fitzroy’s counter attacking style a lot more, so much so that Ilhan Altuntas was able to get forward and slot the winner moments from full time and record a famous win for this up and coming side.

Man of the match: Mark Burton (Fitzroy)

With the likes of Fernando and Andres Cardemas becoming unavailable for tonights clash, the former New Zealand International’s inclusion in the squad became all the more important. Reduced to a ‘last man’ role in defence, Burton’s presence, direction and influence was almost the deciding factor in the game. He also did a fantastic job in containing dangerous striker Ricky Castro. If there was no Burton the result may have well gone to the Vipers. There should also be and honourable mention to Ilhan ALtuntas and Ben Monteleone who bagged a well deserved hat-trick. both of these young stars of the game are definite candidates for the young player of the season award!

Ben Monteleone celebrates after scoring a late second half goal.

Ben Monteleone celebrates after scoring a late second half goal.

Ashburton Futsal Club 7 – 1 Brunswick Futsal Club

ASH: M. Rocca 3, M. Matar 2, N. Silvestri, C. Mogoai (OG) … BWK: D. Slovacek

The fourth game of the night saw Ashburton pitted against Brunswick, who’s confidence was sky high after a well earned win against Essendon on Friday night. The Bloods confidence in claiming the three points had also received a massive boost once they knew Ashburton were going to be without star keeper Lorenzo De Paris after a shock transfer to Pascoe Vale. The first half was a hard fought encounter as both sides struggled to break through the others defence. The first half ended 1-1 after Nick Silvestri and Dan Slovacek had scored for Ashburton and Brunswick respectively. The second half told a totally different story, as Ashburton’s talisman, Matteo Rocca broke the shackles he was strapped in and claimed a second half hat trick. His partner in crime up front, Moe Matar who was relishing more playing time under manager Ben Geaboc scored a double. But the final nail in Brunswick’s coffin came from an own goal from Clint Mogoai which capped off the 7-1 scoreline. The margin could have been a lot bigger if not for the heroics of the Blood’s keeper Cem Bicer from the penalty spot, saving twice from Andrea Farina.

Man of the Match: Con Makris (Ashburton)

Unaware of former keeper Lorenzo De Paris’ departure, Makris, who had been in De Paris’ shadow for the past one and a half seasons was completely thrown into the deep end and when called upon, Makris delivered a stand out performance, commanding his defence and put his body on the line making many crucial saves in only conceding one goal in the first half. Not bad for a man who had spent more time on the bench than any other in the league.

Ashburton’s Matteo Rocca and Moe Matar celebrate one of the five goals scored between them in the second half.

Ashburton’s Matteo Rocca and Moe Matar celebrate one of the five goals scored between them in the second half.

Moreland Futsal Club 3 – 11 Pascoe Vale Futsal Club

MOR: Y. Sahin 2, S. Ingrosso … PV: L. Kruel 3, J. Da Silva 2, E. Simsek 2, B. Polatti, S. Soufi, M. Novak, R. Evangelisti

After a few promising performances in the last few weeks, Moreland’s team morale has certainly changed for the better and along with a few poor performances from Pascoe Vale (two losses in three games) Moreland were certainly in with a chance of causing an upset. That was until the team sheets were brought out. Majority of the crowd were caught rubbing their eyes in disbelief as Lorenzo De Paris, Lucas Kruel and Mauricio Novak formerly of Ashburton and Carlton respectively, were seen warming up in the black and white of Pascoe Vale. The new look Pascoe was reminiscent of a fantasy sports game where all of the games best have been placed in one team, a line up to be the envy of every manager in the league. It was no wonder at the break when Pascoe were 7-1 to the good, as they simply out played Moreland who resembled rabbits caught in headlights. With seven individual goal scorers, the Moreland defence were at a loss as how to stop the flow of goals. The answer: Pray. the second half saw a more defensive minded Moreland as they adopted a more man on man approach, this time only conceding four goals and bagging two themselves. Although Kruel claimed a hat trick and doubles for Da Silva – in his return from injury – and Simsek, the pick of the goals came from the Blue’s Sebastian Ingrosso who slotted a peach of a goal from long range. But it was a mere scratch in comparison to the damage Pascoe Vale had inflicted on poor old Moreland. It was a welcome change of fortune for manager Paul Vidic who after a few stressful weeks at the helm could watch some of the most beautiful, fluid and stress free futsal seen this season. Although the Blues never threw in the towel, it was going to take something out of this world in order to stop the ‘dream team’. The 2013 premiership race has certainly been turned on it’s head, so there will be no doubt that Metro, Hume and Ashburton will be awaiting the challenge.Man of the Match: Lucas Kruel (Pascoe Vale)In his first official league game in Pascoe colours, the Brazilian star flourished in scoring three quality goals as well as starting endless attacks from defence.

Pascoe’s Lucas Kruel celebrates his hat-trick in style.

Pascoe’s Lucas Kruel celebrates his hat-trick in style.

FC Essendon (Futsal Club) 1 – 13 Hume Futsal Club

ESS: A. Cobo … HME: V. Mazurskiy 4, S. Cicek 2, M. Vragovski 2, H. Garrison 2, M. Tankir 2, J. Michaelis

The final game of Round 13 saw bottom placed Essendon go up against Hume who have the top place in their sights. Reds manager Alex Cobo has struggled to get his strongest team together in recent weeks and today’s game was no exception, with Cobo only having one player on the bench. Hume on the other hand were at almost full capacity and boosted by the return of striker Sacid Cicek and Ahmed Azzam. From the first whistle Hume were on top of the team holding up the other eleven teams in the league, dominating in all facets of the game turning possession into goals and they led 6-0 at the break with George harrison and Vadim Mazurskiy leading the way with two goals a piece. The second period of play saw Hume continue their dominance, especially Mazurskiy who added a further two goals to his match tally. In the absence of Resit Culculoglu, Moe Tankir has stepped up in his position in defence and he’s relishing the opportunity each week and ended up with a double, along with Cicek and Vragovski who both rekindled their partnership up front. Hume keeper Liam Digby was only one minute away from maintaining a clean sheet if not from a fine individual effort from Red’s captain Alex Cobo. It was the only blemish in what was yet another solid performance from this Hume side who are fast becoming the title favourites after Metropolitan’s recent loss of form and if Metro slip up next week we could see a new team sitting on top of the table.Man of the Match: Vadim Mazurskiy (Hume)

The Russian was back to the form that saw him win the golden boot last season with yet another bag of goals. With a few more performances like this we could yet see the

Hume target man shoot to the top of the goal scorers table.

The Hume Army march on in 2013 united, determined and as hungry as ever.

The Hume Army march on in 2013 united, determined and as hungry as ever.



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