Futsal’s Olympic Dream


afaolympicsThe World Games are international multi-sport events that feature sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games.  Futsal was a huge success at this year’s World Games. Due to the unprecedented popularity and success of the sport, it seems that Futsal will now be considered for the 2024 Olympics.

With the future Olympics in mind AFA is proud to sponsor local football clubs with the hope of bringing Futsal to as many Australian communities as possible.

AFA CEO, Alistair Miller is excited about the sponsorship saying that it will provide a plethora of opportunities for players of all skill levels to enjoy Futsal.

“As a non-profit business AFA’s sole purpose is to engage as many Australians as possible to provide the opportunity to enjoy Futsal,” Mr Miller said.

“Futsal is one of few sports which focus on development to give equal opportunity to both male and female players at a variety of skill levels.

“This focus has transpired monumentally this year with the men’s success at the World Games and the upcoming AMF Futsal World Cup which the Australian Women’s team are competing at” he said.

Australian player Jade Banks is thrilled about Futsal’s growing popularity and encourages young and old Australians to give the sport a go.

“It is so exciting to be a part of the rapidly developing Australian Futsal Community.

“I grew up playing Futsal, it encouraged self-confidence and has given me the opportunity to not only travel but to form life-long friendships.

“I would strongly recommend giving Futsal a go, there are amazing opportunities for junior and senior players which include representative pathways at regional, state and international levels, however, the sport is not just for the elite AFA is highly focused on giving players of all skill levels an opportunity, it can be a great chance to gain confidence and make friends” Banks said.

The AFA summer season starts mid-September. If you are interested in registering please visit: http://www.australianfutsal.com/ or call 3270 2777

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